10 Amazing Coastal Reading Nooks & Decor Ideas

Whether it’s a rainy day or you just don’t feel like going to the beach, these coastal reading nooks are perfect for the days when you just want to relax with a good book. Many people have relocated to summer homes and seaside residences in hopes of spending more time in nature, away from the busy city life. Decorating a coastal home is always a fun process. You can take elements of ocean life and lake life and incorporate them into your home, creating a cozy coastal abode. 

What is a reading nook? Well, it’s just an area of the house where you can read a book or a magazine. There is often a bookcase nearby, but it’s not necessary. You for sure would need a chair and good lighting source, though! 

Coastal Reading Nook Ideas

Let’s take a peek at some inspiring coastal reading nook ideas for beach homes. I hope you find one you like to guide you as you design your own little reading nook!

Blue Oversized Coastal Reading Nook

The first example of a coastal reading nook is this large cut-out space that looks like a bed! With an arched doorway, I can only imagine how fun it must be for the kids to climb into this little library nook. A thick blue seat cushion, tons of throw pillows and a stuffed elephant animal help make this place look cozy and comfortable. Three shelves are installed on opposite walls, and the back wall has shiplap decor. What a cozy space!

Blue Oversized Coastal Reading Nook via @bluerockutah

Built-in Window Bench and Bookshelves

This beautiful home has a great ocean view! This reading nook by the window takes great advantage of the scenery. A built-in bench has been installed below the window and a bookshelf holds dozens of books against the wall. With lots off green and blue throw pillows, this is a great corner to read a novel!

Built-in Window Bench and Bookshelves Coastal Reading Nook via Banks Design Associates
Banks Design Associates

Chaise Lounge and Large Waves Photograph

A plush chaise lounge is a fantastic idea for any reading nook!

Chaise Lounge and Large Waves Photograph in Coastal Reading Nook via Pure Salt Interiors
Pure Salt Interiors

Under Staircase Reading Nook

Why not take advantage of the space below the staircase by installing a custom bench and creating a private reading nook?

Coastal reading nook under staircase via Sara Bengur Interiors
Sara Bengur Interiors

Lower Bookshelves

This is a really great way to store lots of books without blocking the fabulous view!

Coastal Reading Nook with Lower Bookshelves via Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects
Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects

Rope Ceiling Lights

How cool is this amazing coastal library with ceiling lights made of rope?

Coastal Reading Nook with Rope Ceiling Lights via Workshop APD
Workshop APD

Wicker Chair and Foot Stool

A cozy wicker chair and footstool make for a great space to read. The coastal floor lamp nearby offers targeted lower lighting.

Coastal Reading Nook with Wicker Chair and Foot Stool via @ellenkavanaugh

Window Seat Nook

Another great small coastal reading nook by the window! Green coastal throw pillows are added for comfort.

Coastal Reading Nook with Window Seat via @digsdesignco

This is such a lovely window seat idea!

Coral Shelf Decor Coastal Reading Nook

You can also decorate your bookshelves with different coastal decorations like this beautiful coral sculpture!

Coral Shelf Decor Coastal Reading Nook via Bo Massey
Bo Massey

Lakehouse Reading Nook

This dark wood lakehouse has a creative canoe bookshelf! A nearby tufted brown leather sitting chair is great for relaxing.

Lakehouse Coastal Reading Nook via whitearrowshome

I hope you found these coastal reading corners inspiring as you design your space! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Happy curating!


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