37 Amazing Reading Nooks You’ll Never Want to Leave

I don’t think there’s a cozier place in the house than a reading nook. Whether you have an entire room to dedicate to reading and installing a grand library, or you just want to create a quiet corner to get away from things, a reading nook is a great idea for all homes.

You may be wondering how to design and decorate a reading nook. What are the popular trends for reading nooks? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Let’s get started with the best reading room ideas for your space.

Reading Nook Essentials

Before we dive into the decorating ideas, let’s talk about some of the very basic essentials that you must have in your reading nook. The bare minimum reading nook essentials, if you will! To create the perfect reading corner, you should have the following furniture and home accents.

Here is what we think you need in order to create a practical reading room:

  • Comfortable Chair
  • Side Table
  • Good Lighting Source
  • Storage for Your Books

That’s it! Do you think something else is necessary for this reading space? A few bookmarks perhaps? A candle to set a relaxing mood?



Reading Nook Ideas

There are lots of different ways you can configure a reading nook in your home. Here are the most popular ideas and designs when it comes to reading nook inspiration. Whether you are an avid reader or just an occasional browser, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by these reading rooms!

Go with a Giant Egg Chair

This egg chair creates the perfect nook for a long reading session! A pouf sitting nearby is perfect for popping your legs up on.

Reading Nook with Egg Chair via @johnston.escapes

Pick a Plush, Oversized Accent Chair

The most simple and easy way to create a cozy reading nook is to get a comfortable, padded accent chair with armrests and stick it in an empty corner of your home. If you have bookshelves installed, all the better. Otherwise, throw some books on a side table next to the chair!

Reading Nook with Plush Oversized Accent Chair via @blackbanddesign

Organize Your Books by Color

You can organize your books on shelves by color to create an eye-catching arrangement. Pair it with neutral sitting chairs to keep the place friendly.

Sway in a Hanging Chair

I dream of installing a hanging chair like this one in my home! It’s the perfect place to hang out and read. Swingasans make great seating for reading corners.

Reading Nook with Hanging Chair via Architectural Digest and Lily Aldridge
Architectural Digest / Lily Aldridge

Recline Your Seat and Put Your Feet Up!

Take a break by using a reclined chair and matching footrest to create the ultimate relaxation mood in your reading nook.

Reading Nook with Reclined Chair and Footrest via Wolf and Wing Interior Design
Wolf and Wing Interior Design

A Neo-Traditional Nook with Bright Colors

This neo-traditional home got a gorgeous upgrade with lime green built-in bookshelves and a blue tufted accent chair. The leopard print carpeting and floral wallpaper give the space character.

Reading Nook with Neo-Traditional Bright Colors via Nicholas Obeid and ArchDigest
Nicholas Obeid / Architectural Digest

Add Some Throw Pillows

For a quick transformation, add some throw pillows to a corner in your home and stack the tallest bookshelf you can find next to it!

Reading Nook with a few Throw Pillows via @thehalcyondaysofsummer

Opt for an Extra Wide Sofa and Ottoman

This extra wide and extra deep sofa looks divine in front of a bright window and tall bookshelves. The ottoman in front is a great place to rest your feet and curl up with a throw blanket.

Double it as a Breakfast Nook

This multi-purpose space works great as a breakfast nook and a reading nook at the same time. You can munch on avocado toast in the morning, and catch up on your favorite books in the evening.

Reading Nook mixed with Breakfast Nook via John Derian
John Derian

Make Use of that Empty Corner in Your Home

If you’re not sure what to do with an empty corner in your home, then create a cozy and warm reading nook with floating shelves and a cushioned corner banquette!

Reading Nook in corner via @baytkalthoum

Transform the Attic

Many people let their attics gather dust, but you can be savvy and install bookshelves to create a cozy reading nook in your attic to get away from it all.

Reading Nook transformed from an Attic via onurdongel
Onur Döngel

Construct Built-in Bookshelves Near a Large Window

You can install built-in bookshelves and built-in benches to create a gorgeous reading nook. Built-in reading nooks are becoming more and more common in new home builds! I love how this one has a large window overlooking the swaying trees outside.

Reading Nook with Built-in Bookshelves and Trees Outside the Window

Go With an Oversized Pink Tufted Accent Chair

For a girly look, go for an oversized pink tufted accent chair. Pair it with a small white accent table and some built-in bookshelves.

Reading Nook with Oversized Pink Tufted Accent Chair via Barnes Vanze Architects Inc
Barnes Vanze Architects Inc

Make Use of the Wide Window Light

If you have an extra wide window, think about installing some built-in benches and creating a cozy reading nook like this one. Add a wall sconce above the shelves for easy light.

Reading Nook with Wide Window Light via @themattesongroup

Put Quotes on the Stair Backs

I love this charming idea of adding a written quote on the stair backs of your home!

Reading Nook with Quotes on the Stair Backs via @clarkandcohomes

Cozy Up in a Shearling Accent Chair

I would love a cozy Scandinavian shearling accent chair in my reading nook with warm wood shelves.

Install Bookshelves in a Corner

Create a cozy cushioned nook with floating bookshelves in a corner of your home.

Reading Nook with Corner Bookshelves

Chaise Lounges

Stretch your feet out and relax with a chaise lounge. You can also create this look with a comfortable chair and matching foot rest to stretch your legs out! A magazine stand to the side lets you store a variety of publications.

Reading Nook with magazine stand and chaise lounge via SayYesBlog

Go Monochrome

This bright yellow monochrome nook is impossible to miss! The matching throw pillows create a sunny corner for reading.

Reading nook with bright yellow paint via @neststudiohardware

Store Books on Rolling Metal Cart

This neutral reading nook is easily served by books on a rolling metal cart!

Reading Nook with Books on rolling metal cart via @lauren.m.mills

Hang Out in a Brown Leather Chair

Brown leather chairs are the perfect addition to any reading nook. Abstract art and a black wall are optional!

Reading Nook with a Brown Leather Chair via DesignSponge

Use the Floor!

Don’t be limited to just chairs. You can create a cozy floor nook with rugs, blankets and floor pillows, too. It’s simple and budget-friendly!

Go with Upper Bookshelves

If you want to keep your books high and make the most of a space, install a banquet beneath upper bookshelves in a corner of your home. Add wall sconces for additional lighting!

Reading Nook with Upper Bookshelves via Rikki Snyder
Rikki Snyder

Opt for a Minimal Design

If you find it hard to focus, then go with a really simple and minimal design like this one for your reading nook. The white and cream tones will help reflect light so you can see what you’re reading, too!

Hang a Swingasan

If you love the boho look, then consider a swingasan for your home, next to a long wall of bookshelves!

Reading Nook with Swingasan via Rip & Tan
Rip & Tan

Re-Purpose Your Upstairs Loft

If you have an upstairs loft, why not install a bench, small table, and bookshelves to create a cozy nook?

Reading Nook in an Upstairs Loft via ClassicCottages JessMclain
Classic Cottages / Jess Mclain

Put it Under the Staircase

Your nook can fit snugly under the staircase of your home. Lower storage drawers can store your favorite books. Add some tube throw pillows on each end and you’re good to go!

Reading Nook under the Staircase with drawers for storage via @brookewagnerdesign

Install a Built-in Banquette

This U-shaped banquette has turquoise cushions for several people to sit and read. The little space is opened by bookshelves and an indoor stepping ladder for reaching the high shelves.

Reading Nook with Built-in Banquette via CWB Architects
CWB Architects

Put a Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to attract people to sit in your little nook! The yellow cushion catches the eye in this window reading nook, inviting people to come sit and read.

Reading Nook with Yellow Cushion and Lower Storage via Raina Henderson Interior
Raina Henderson

Re-Purpose Your Staircase Landing

Don’t let your staircase landing be empty and boring. Instead, turn it into a reading nook staircase landing! You can stop to read by a window when you like, no matter what floor you’re on!

Reading Nook on the Staircase Landing via Cottage Journal
Cottage Journal

Use a Ladder to Get to Your Built-in Reading Bench

I love this design of this space, with a cute ladder to reach a high reading nook near the window.

Reading Nook with Ladder to a Built-in Bench via Ana Williamson
Ana Williamson

Put a Nook in Your Hallway

The hallway is a great place to install bookshelves if you have the space. The white side chair and wood accent table with a chess board create a welcoming atmosphere to read.

Reading Nook in the Hallway via Shannon Malone
Shannon Malone

Decorate with Farmhouse Shiplap Walls

This modern farmhouse reading nook is inspiring with its black lighting accents and white shiplap walls!

Reading Nook with Farmhouse Shiplap Walls via Raykon Construction
Raykon Construction

Add a Nearby Fireplace

Is there anything better than reading near a warm fireplace? If you can install a fireplace near your reading nook, I’m sure you’ll spend all winter long there!

Reading Nook with Fireplace via TOTAL CONCEPTS

Have it Double as a Built-in Daybed

This reading nook doubles as a built-in day bed, where you can lounge in or have guests spend the night.

Reading Nook with Built-in Daybed via Miller Architects
Miller Architects

Furnish It With Matching Green Accent Chairs

The matching green accent chairs in this staircase landing reading nook are a cozy choice. One is draped with a faux fur blanket and both are surrounded by black bookshelves.

Reading Nook with Matching Green Accent Chairs and Black Shelves via Hendricks Churchill
Hendricks Churchill

Make Your Guest Room Reading Friendly

These two twin beds in a guest room are placed below several shelves with books. If your guests love to read, they will welcome the lovely surprise!

Reading Nook with Two White Twin Beds via Sullivan Building & Design Group
Sullivan Building & Design Group

I hope this post gave you plenty of ideas on how to decorate a reading nook! I hope you found these reading rooms as inspirational as we did. They would make a voracious reader very happy, but they can also serve as a relaxing oasis for someone who just likes to read once in a blue moon, too.

Reading Nooks by Style

Since many people already have a particular decorative style in their home, we have created specific guides for designing a beautiful reading nook according to your home’s aesthetic.

You can also follow our Reading Nook board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Since we all have more time to lounge around the house these days, creating a cozy reading corner of your home is a smart idea that will serve you well!

Let us know your favorite reading room idea in the comments below.

Happy curating!


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