21 Quintessential Coastal Decorations & Accents

Decorating your beach home can be super fun. If you’re ready to get started from scratch or you want to give your home a complete refresh, then this guide to the essential coastal decorations for your home will be quite useful to you! We’ll go over some common themes when it comes to coastal decor to give you an idea of some basic coastal decor accents for the home. Don’t feel like you have to decorate with every piece on this list. Each decoration should rather spark an idea in your mind of how you want to decorate your space!

You will surely run into ideas you’ve already thought of, but our goal with this list is to give a really comprehensive overview of different coastal style decorations and hopefully you will find at least one idea that is new to you! We have a dedicated post on coastal wall decorations, too if you are looking specifically for the wall!

Coastal Decorations

Let’s go over some of the most popular coastal decorations you can shop online.

1. Ocean Art

Our first idea is perhaps the most obvious, but nevertheless worth a mention! You can bring the ocean inside your home with different ocean themed decorations. Personally, I love artworks that depict the ocean because they can resemble abstract paintings. I find them really soothing!


2. Seagrass Baskets and Rugs

Seagrass is a common motif found in many different beach home accents and decorations. It can be used to create baskets, rugs, and more!


3. Sea Blue and Green Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to refresh your living room or bedroom decor. Why not go for some pretty pillows in coastal colors like sky blue and sea green? Here is our selection, but you can find more coastal throw pillows here.



4. Shell Decor

Sea shells are a beautiful way to decorate your home. You could gather them in a group and hang them in a net, or you could buy a pre-made decoration like a wreath or shell accent.


5. Coral Decor

Coral can be a beautiful abstract decoration for your home.


6. Sea Life Decor

Seahorses, fish, octopus, crabs, lobsters, whales, sea turtles, starfish, jellyfish, and swordfish are all common sea life creatures that can be found in decorative accents, too. You can get shower curtains, throw pillows, and little sculptures that depict beautiful sea creatures!



7. Striped Rugs

Nothing says coastal like a pretty striped rug for your floors.


8. Rattan Accents

Rattan is a popular material for making coastal furniture and decorative accents. There’s something very tropical about this material!


9. Sailboats

Start a collection of mini sailboats in your home with these pretty boating sculptures. I see sailboat replicas for sale almost every time I visit a coastal town. This could be a great way to get your own collection started!



10. Nautical Rope Decor

There are several decorations that incorporate nautical rope into their design. This is a great way to bring a bit of nautical charm into your beach home!


11. Life Ring Decor

The life ring is a common symbol of boat life and summer days on the water!


12. Buoy Decor

These floating devices can serve as navigational marks in the ocean. You can also use them as cute decorative accents in your summer home decor!



13. Anchor Decor

The anchor is a popular motif when it comes to seaside decorations.


14. Lighthouse Decor

Lighthouses have long been a way for ships to find their way home. Why not display one in your house?


15. Surfboard Decor

Bring that California surf culture inside your home with a surfboard decoration.


16. Oars Decor

Oars are a great decoration for a lake house retreat.


17. Round Mirrors

Reminiscent of portholes in ships, the round mirror is a decoration commonly found in coastal homes. It could be framed in wood, or even nautical rope.



18. Beach Books

There’s nothing like some beach eye candy for your coastal coffee table!


19. Glass Vases

Why not buy several pretty glass vases in ocean colors that are reminiscent of sea glass? Fresh flowers make any room instantly better.


20. Driftwood Decor

Driftwood is commonly found on beaches across the world. You can buy gorgeous beachy decorations made out of this wood.


21. Ship Wheel Decor

For a nautical look, consider purchasing a ship wheel to display on your wall!


More Coastal Decor Ideas

If you love coastal decorating and beach home interiors, then don’t miss our other guides on how to choose the best furniture and decor for your summer home!

Happy curating!


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