12 Eclectic Bohemian Office Decor Ideas

If you work from home and love boho style, you may be curious about the best bohemian office decor ideas. There is no reason why your home office cannot match your favorite interior design style. After all, we all want to create a beautiful atmosphere in our home office that makes us feel comfortable and productive.

Bohemian Office Decor Ideas

Bohemian decor is about taking inspiration from exotic, tropical destinations and infusing our home with color, texture, and life! You may opt for natural furniture materials like rattan or bamboo. You can also choose decorations made from eclectic textiles and unique objects. Boho decor is often influenced by international style interiors. It celebrates spirituality, uniqueness, and joy.

Here are our best ideas for boho office decor:

Black and White Photography

Create a moody and dramatic space with black and white photo prints.

Black and white photography in Bohemian home office decor via @prinsessavanessa

African area rug and Green leather office chair

Go with unique items that can be found at flea markets or vintage shops.

African area rug and Green leather office chair in Bohemian Office via Dabito and Domino
Dabito and Domino

Black Wishbone Chair

Wishbone chairs are associated with Scandi design, but they are also commonly found in boho homes!

Black Wishbone Chair in Bohemian Office Decor via Black and Blooms
Black & Blooms

Boho Office Furniture & Decor

Here are some ideas for boho office furniture and decor from around the web!



Exotic textiles hanging on wall

Don’t forget about the walls of your boho home office!

Exotic textiles hanging on wall in Bohemian Office Decor via Chy Parker
Chy Parker

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Keep cozy while at work.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket on Office Chair in Bohemian Office Decor via @prinsessavanessa

Macrame Wall decorations

Macrame wall decorations look great on this bohemian home office wall. A rattan cane back chair, mid-century modern table lamp, mango wood desk, and a pink boho rug fill out the space.

Macrame Wall decoration in modern boho office design with rattan cane back chair, mid-century modern table lamp, mango wood desk, pink boho rug

Minimalist white desk

This bohemian office has been beautifully decorated with a fiddle leaf fig, mid-century gold pendant light, boho photography, and a pink oriental rug.

Minimalist white desk in Bohemian Office Decor with fiddle leaf fig, mid-century gold pendant light, boho photography and pink oriental rug via gypsy tan
gypsy tan

Multiple Potted Plants

Indoor house plants are a must in boho homes.

Multiple Potted plants in boho home office

Boho Office Supplies from Amazon

Amazon has a ton of boho office supplies and decorations you can get for cheap. Here are a few ideas:

Pink Bohemian Rug

This beautiful boho office has a macrame ceiling pendant, pampas grass decor, and swivel office chair!

Pink Bohemian Rug in Boho Office Design with Macrame Ceiling Pendant, Pampas grass decor and swivel office chair

Rattan Chair and Macrame Wall Decor

Working with a small space? You can still design the boho home office you dream of!

Rattan Chair and Macrame Wall Decor in Bohemian Office Decor

Woven wall baskets

Those woven leather chairs are so boho.

Woven wall baskets on wall of Bohemian office decor with woven leather chairs

Round rattan chair

Rattan furniture is always a smart choice for boho interiors.

Round rattan chair in Bohemian home office

What did you think of these fabulous bohemian home office designs?

As you can see, creating the perfect boho office isn’t too difficult. There are many ways to get the look you imagine if you take the time to search for the right furniture, decor, and accents.

More Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Keep decorating the other rooms in your house with our boho home decor guides for furniture, decorations, accents, and more. Here are the latest posts about bohemian decor:


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