15 Simple Scandinavian Entryway Decor Ideas

These Scandinavian entryways will make all your minimalist hygge dreams come true. If you love simple yet practical spaces, then these Scandi style entryways will surely inspire you! From simple console tables to black metal side chairs, there are many ways to decorate a Scandinavian foyer or home entry. We are so happy to share these nordic entryway ideas with you today! 

When it comes to the entryway of the home, this is one of the most practical spaces we have. Even though it’s not a room we spend much time in, it serves a very simple purpose. This pass-through space helps us gather our essentials for the day and put our shoes on before leaving. It’s also a place to drop our things and take our shoes off when coming home for the day.

Scandinavian Entryways

Scandinavian interior design has gotten very popular around the world. Many people are interested in the minimalist aesthetic of nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and even Finland. It’s all about creating a comfortable, uncluttered home that works for your needs.

Some people find Scandinavian decor too hospital-like since the whites are pretty stark, but personally, I adore these minimalist entryways in the nordic style!

It always helps to have some great visual inspiration when designing this part of our home to help us imagine what we can do. Let’s take a peek at the most inspiring Scandinavian entryway decor ideas. I am sure that these nordic entryways will inspire you!

Warm Beige Tones

Warm Beige Tones Scandi Entryway Design via @malmo_and_moss

Muted Pink Walls

Muted Pink Walls in Feminine Scandinavian Entryway via Tessa Klop roomed
Tessa Klop / roomed.nl

Black Decor Accents

Black Accents - vase, mirror, console table in Scandinavian Entryway via 204park

Large Round Wall Mirror

Large Round Wall Mirror Scandinavian Entryway via vaningen.se

Rustic Wood Stool

Rustic wood stool in Scandinavian entryway design ideas

Checkered Floors and Wall Hooks

Minimalist Checkered Floors and Wall Hooks in Scandinavian Entryway with Wall Hooks via Bo Bedre
Bo Bedre

Wood Console Table

Wood Console Table in Scandi Entryway Design via Haus of Cruze
Haus of Cruze

White Cone Pendant Light

White Cone Pendant Light in Scandi Nordic Entryway via norsuHOME

Black and Cream Rug

Black and Cream Rug in Scandinavian Entryway Design

Bold Black Walls

Black walls in Scandi entryway design by Nune Design
Nune Design

White Shoe Storage Cabinet

White Shoe Storage Cabinet in Scandinavian Entryway with Cabinet Storage via vaningen.se

Black Front Door

Black Front Door in Scandinavian Entryway Decor

White Full-Length Wall Mirror

White Full-length Wall Mirror for Scandi entryway decor

Black Molded Plastic Side Chair 

Black Molded Plastic Side Chair in Scandinavian Entryway Design

Black Iron Pipe for Hanging Coats

Black Iron Pipe for Hanging Coats in Scandi entryway design

I hope these Scandi style nordic entryway designs inspired you! Let us know what you think about this entryway decor style in the comments below. Are you a fan of Scandi interiors? Are they too minimalist for you?

More Scandi Decor Ideas

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Happy curating!

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