12 Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas to Know

If you love clean lines, the beauty of simplicity, and light and airy aesthetics, then keep reading to discover our selection of inspiring Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas!

If you admire the cozy homes and apartments found in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, then Scandinavian decor might be the perfect style for your home. This minimalist favorite style of decorating is loved by people in all four corners of the world for good reason! It’s based around practical furniture that serves a clear purpose and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye for its simplicity.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that nordic design is only about Ikea, a cheap furniture maker from Sweden. While Ikea did democratize affordable decorating, there are loads of other durable options when it comes to getting the Scandinavian look in your home. Many American furniture and decor makers now craft long-lasting pieces in the Scandinavian design to appeal to a wide customer base craving this type of design!

Let’s go over some of the key elements of Scandinavian interior design in the bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom Decor

Bedroom design isn’t always obvious to an amateur interior designer. From arranging the bed, choosing the nightstand, and thinking about storage for your clothes and belongings, there’s so much to consider. Our hope is that these nordic bedrooms will guide you as you decorate your own bedroom with a Scandinavian influence.

Let’s take a peek at our favorite Scandi bedrooms below! Hopefully at least one of these Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas will resonate with you.

White Leaning Wall Ladder

The leaning wall ladder is a hugely popular decoration in Scandinavian home design. This type of product can be used in different ways in the bedroom. You could store a robe on it, a throw blanket, a faux fur rug, and many more fabric items on this handy decoration.

Leaning Wall Ladder in a Scandinavian Bedroom Design by @vaningenvillan

Muted Colors

Scandinavian bedrooms are often created using muted colors like dark purple, pale pink, and faded blue. There is even a color called “Scandinavian blue” that is very popular in Scandinavian kitchens. This bedroom features muted colors that don’t overpower the calmness of the room. It is simple, chic, and very relaxing!

Muted Colors in a Scandinavian Bedroom via vaningen.se

Black Walls

A bold design choice like a black bedroom wall can work well in a Scandinavian style bedroom. Since Scandi style appreciates neutral colors like black, white, brown and beige, this type of high-contrast interior is great for the bedroom. Plus, most people like it as dark as possible when they sleep at night! Black painted walls can help achieve this ideal sleeping situation. It’s a good idea to make sure your bed and walls are a lighter color like beige or white to prevent creating an ugly black box!

Black walls in a Scandinavian Bedroom Design via @an.interior.affair

Linen Sheets

I adore the look of linen sheets that are gently wrinkled! Beige or gray sheets are one of the easiest Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas you can incorporate into your bedroom. Keep the look clean and simple by sticking with just one or two colors for your sheets.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Linen Sheets via Sara Medina Lind
Sara Medina Lind

Brass Wall Sconces

When it comes to lighting, wall sconces are a great idea to light up a part of your bedroom so you can read. Many Scandinavians like to place brass wall sconces above their nightstand to provide targeted lighting.

Brass Wall Sconce in a Scandinavian Bedroom via Kvarteret Makleri
Kvarteret Makleri

Ikea White Dresser

Ikea is a great budget retailer for finding many Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas. Here, a wide white dresser made by Ikea has been used to decorate this nordic style bedroom. I don’t think Ikea products will last you a lifetime, but if you are on a tight budget then this retailer is a great choice.

Ikea white dresser in a Scandinavian Bedroom via Homey Oh My
Homey Oh My

Many of the Scandinavian bedroom furniture pieces are affordable and basic in design. This room is a great example of inexpensive Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas!

Mid-Century Furniture

Many Scandinavian interiors feature mid-century modern furniture. The simple design and sleek look work well with the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian homes. In the bedroom, you can buy a mid-century nightstand, mid-century bed, or mid-century dresser to get this look.

White mid-century nightstand in a Scandinavian Bedroom via Farah Prochaska
Farah Prochaska

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are popular design choices for the floor of Scandinavian bedrooms. This bedroom really has character thanks to the black and white cowhide rug on the floor. The white and gray linen sheets of the bed increase the visual contrast of the room. Two black and white framed photographs hang on the wall of the bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Cowhide rug via Entrance Makleri
Entrance Makleri

Small Scandinavian Bedrooms

When working to design a small space, it’s best to go with simple modern furniture as seen here. Twin beds and small side tables used as nightstands are the perfect decor choices when working with a small bedroom design.

Small Scandinavian Bedroom Design via vaningen.se

Abstract Wall Art

Many Scandinavian interiors feature black and white abstract wall artwork. I rarely see representational works in Scandinavian homes. Stick to abstract shapes and minimalist forms when it comes to the art you place on your wall. You could go with paintings, drawings, photographs of sculptures – just be sure to keep it minimal and abstract!

Abstract wall art in a Scandinavian Bedroom @changoandco

Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

If you have vaulted ceilings with wood beams, it’s a good idea to leave the wood a natural beige color. The wood accent chair and wood side table create warmth in the space. Gray sheets and white pillows keep the room cozy and calm.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams

Neutral Wood Beds and Headboards

A neutral wood bed or headboard is a great Scandinavian bedroom design choice. It will warm up the space while keeping in line with a minimalist aesthetic. You can choose a very simple design as seen here, with a rectangular headboard and footboard. There are no fancy elements to this bed – it’s functional and simple. Two matching nightstands on either side of the bed blend in with the white walls behind them. A brass ceiling pendant is centered in the room.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Neutral Wood Bed via Farah Prochaska
Farah Prochaska

I hope these Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas inspire you as you go about decorating your master bedroom or your guest bedroom in the nordic style! There are many ways to take inspiration from the Nordic style of decorating. Hopefully at least one or two design ideas resonated with you.

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