7 Coziest Scandinavian Reading Nooks Ever

No one does cozy nooks like the Scandinavians. These Scandinavian reading nooks prove that the Nordic countries know best when it comes to creating a calm and tranquil environment for reading at home. Curating the perfect reading nook involves a few key elements: a comfortable reading chair, a good lighting source, and a place to store your books. We hope these minimalist reading nook ideas will inspire you as you decorate your home. 

Scandinavian Reading Nooks

Many people around the world love the Scandinavian decor aesthetic. It’s all about going back to basics and creating a clean and clutter-free environment for living. Consider using a simple color palette of white, black, and gray for your Scandinavian home.

Reading nooks are perfect for reading the morning paper or diving into the latest novel to hit the shelves. These are the best nordic reading nooks to help you curate the perfect space in your home.

1. Fireplace Reading Nook

Scandinavian Reading Nook near fireplace via Devol Haberdasher
Devol Haberdasher

2. Oversized Reading Chair

Scandinavian Reading Nook with Oversized Chair via Apt Therapy Andrew Corrie
Apt Therapy Andrew Corrie

3. Closet Nook

Scandinavian Reading Nook Closet Nook via Bo Bedre
Bo Bedre

4. Plastic Molded Rocking Chair and Faux Fur Blanket

Scandi nordic reading nook design Plastic Molded Rocking Chair and Faux Fur Blanket via Helle Jensen
Helle Jensen

5. Corner Bench and Swing Light

Scandi reading nook Corner Bench and Swing Light via Emily Mayne
Emily Mayne

6. Gray Accent Chair

Scandi reading nook gray accent chair homeyohmy

7. Corner Shelves

Scandinavian Reading Nook via @micasamyrules

I hope you found these Scandinavian reading nooks inspiring! As you can see, with a little creativity, it’s easy to create a dedicated space in your home for reading and storing your favorite books, novels, and magazines.

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