19 Gold or Brass Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers

Mid-century modern chandeliers have shown lasting power in-home lighting trends. Their eye-catching designs were never before seen when they were introduced in the 1950s. From starburst chandeliers to straight brass rods, mid-century chandeliers have defining characteristics that grab your attention.

Chandeliers are popular home lighting choices. They can evenly illuminate a room when hung from the center of the ceiling. They also provide a focal point for your design. They are typically hung in rooms with very high ceilings.

Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers

Take a peek at these 19 gorgeous mid-century modern style chandeliers to light up your home! We’ve selected brass and gold-finished chandeliers, the finish of choice for the time period! Brass is certainly having a moment in the decor world, so any of these chandeliers would be a fabulous on-trend choice for your home.

Most are reasonably priced coming in at less than $400 each. The majority are under $300.


Mid-century modern decor is a popular choice for contemporary homes. People are drawn to the simplicity of this retro design style and the practicality of each piece of furniture and decor.

Mid-century modern Chandelier via Melissa Miranda
Melissa Miranda

I hope this post helped you during your home lighting design process!

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19 Gold or Brass Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers

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  1. I am unable to get a link for pricing or details on lighting or furniture. lt takes me a forbidden site that I have to close. How can I get details on items you sell?

    1. Hi! There may be some confusion – we are an interior design blog, we do not sell products. I like to sites where you can purchase home decorations. Which link takes you to a forbidden site?

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