12 Essential Farmhouse Wall Decorations

Decorating the walls of your Farmhouse home can be a challenge. Here are twelve quintessential Farmhouse wall decor ideas for how to decorate the walls in a Farmhouse home!

Many Farmhouse decorations are made from natural materials like wood and rope. You can also find lots of scrap metal in typical Farmhouse wall decorations. These will be the types of wall decor ideas I’ll share with you below, perfect for a country home!

Farmhouse Wall Decor Accents

Here are a few essential Farmhouse wall decorations and ideas for decorating the walls of a Farmhouse style home!

1. Oversized Wall Clocks

Oversized wall clocks were found in just about every home that Joanna Gaines designed on her hit TV show Fixer Upper. We love the Farmhouse friendly appeal of a large wall clock!


2. Small Wooden Barndoor with Chalkboard

Chalkboards are found on the walls of many Farmhouse homes. They offer an easy way to add a personal touch to a Farmhouse home as you can write messages and to-do lists on them in your own handwriting!


3. Scroll Arch Wall Decor

Pretty scrolls are a great way to add a feminine Farmhouse flair to your home.


4. Rustic Barnwood Arrows

Barnwood is a favorite element of country style decorations.


5. Galvanized Edge Windmill Wall Decor

The Windmill is a classic Farmhouse motif.


6. Worn Wood Wall Decor with 3 Glass Containers

You could easily grow house plants and small flowers in this cute little rustic wall hanger with three small glass jars attached.


7. 3 Hanging Tin Pot Wall Decor

Keep supplies, keys, and whatever else you need in these cute little Farmhouse style hanging tin pots.


8. Slatted Wood and Pallet Wall Decor

Wall decor made from slabs of wood is a common theme in Farmhouse wall decorations!


9. Full-Length White Wash Mirror

Check out your outfit before leaving for the day using one of these cute full-length mirrors!


10. Metal Antique Style Wall Signs

There are so many different styles of antique metal wall signs that can add a historic charm to your Farmhouse home.


11. Farmhouse Accent Wall Mirror

Hanging a mirror on the wall is a great way to make your space feel bigger. It will also reflect more light through the room!


12. Wall Baskets

Wall baskets are a beautiful farmhouse decoration.



I hope this post inspired you to buy the perfect Farmhouse wall decorations for your home!


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12 Farmhouse Wall Decoration Ideas

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Happy decorating!


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