3 Louis Chair Styles & How to Spot the Differences

3 Louis Chair Styles & How to Spot the Differences

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The Louis chair is an enduring icon of French furniture history. You can find this classic French chair in some of the most distinguished homes (through the magazines, of course) around the world. Yes, so many designers have found inspiration from the Louis chair – but did you know there are actually a few different types of Louis chairs that exist? Here I’m sharing three Louis Chair styles and how to tell the differences between each chair.

Louis XIV Chair

The first type of Louis chair you should be familiar with is that of Louis XIV – the same king who brought us the decadent Versailles palace. These Baroque style chairs have a keenly royal and old-fashioned look to them.

The dramatic silhouette of the Louis XIV chair is easily distinguishable. The rectangular seat back goes very high up to resemble a throne, sitting perfectly upright. Arm rests stretch to the very end of the seat.

French Louis XIV Style Os De Mouton Arm Chair with Matching Footstool
Pink Cushion French Louis XIV Style Armchairs with Light Grey Paint

Louis XIV Chair Entryway

Architectural Digest

Cream Louis XIV Chair Entryway


Louis XV

The reign of Louis XV, during the 18th century, was characterized by decadence and love of life. Rococo art was in full popularity. The chairs of Louis XV became more relaxed, with beautiful curves and comfortable seats.

Louis XV chairs can be identified by their curved wood edges with intricately carved surfaces. The legs of the chair are gently shaped like an S, in the cabriole style. Common back styled include a simple round frame, a crossbow shape, and central or double indentations. The back of the chair can be slightly tilted to allow the person to recline a little, and armrests are short, allowing for greater mobility.

Typical French chairs from this era are the famous Fauteuil (open arms) and Bergère chairs (closed arms).

Grey and white bergere chair via Our Boat House

Our Boat House

Yellow Bergere Wingback Chair Living Room via Susan Greenleaf

Susan Greenleaf

Twin White French Bergere Chairs

Style at Home

Vintage French chair and vanity in a Parisian Inspired Apartment

Style at Home

Louis XVI

Immediately preceding the French Revolution, Louis XVI brought with him to power a return to the classical style with upright chairs in a light yet elegant manner. These neoclassical chairs were popular during the time of Marie Antoinette!

The Louis XVI chairs dropped the heavy connecting parts between the legs, yet favored the upright back for sitting. The fluted legs are perfectly thin and straight, almost like columns, while seat backs were either round or rectangular. These chairs may or may not have arm rests. This is the type of Louis chairs often seen in contemporary interior design around a dining table for example.

Purple Living Room with Louis XVI Chairs via AD

Architectural Digest

Louis XVI Chair with Purple walls via Nicole Gibbons So Haute

Nicole Gibbons / So Haute

Nude Louis XVI Dining Chairs in Wood


Living room with Neoclassical Louis XVI Chairs via Veranda


Neutral Distressed Wood Louis Chairs Dining Room via Olive and Tate

Olive and Tate

Dining room with Louis XVI Chairs via Victoria Maria Geyer

Victoria Maria Geyer

Modern Purple Artwork with Vintage French Louis XVI Chairs

Roberto Migotto

French-Inspired Dining Room Black Louis Louis XVI Chairs in Neoclassical Style

The Everygirl

What was your favorite Louis chair style? Would you put a Louis chair in your home?

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