10 Best Hanging Chairs (Swingasans) for Your Home

Do you ever wish you could relax in a cozy cocoon that feels like you’re floating on air? Then it may be time to add a hanging chair or “swingasan” to your home decor.

What is a swingasan? A swingasan (also commonly called a hanging chair or hanging egg chair) is a chair that is suspended from the ceiling by ropes or metal chains.

These suspended seating options have been growing in popularity over the last few years for good reason – not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they also make a unique and eye-catching style statement.

In this blog post, I’m sharing my picks for the best hanging chair options to consider adding to your living room, bedroom, dorm room, or other space in your abode. From plush padded seats to more open-air woven styles, there’s a swingasan out there for every aesthetic and comfort preference. I’ll cover different shapes, sizes, materials, and features to consider so you can find your perfect hanging sanctuary.

So grab your comfiest throw blanket and let’s get cozy while discussing some very chill seating solutions! Whether you love reading, relaxing, or even working from your swingasan, I’m confident you’ll be swaying in complete comfort very soon.

Hanging Chair in Sun Room via Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty

Best Hanging Swingasan Chairs

Here are my recommendations for the best hanging chairs or swingasans to add to your home. Most of the chairs I’ve shared below are made of rattan – a durable material that is also commonly used in French bistro chairs.

Swingasan Materials

The seat of a swingasan is made of various materials like woven ropes, cloth, or even plastic. But the defining feature is that rather than sitting on legs on the floor like a regular chair, a swingasan hangs freely, allowing the occupant to gently rock back and forth or spin from side to side. The motion creates a feeling of relaxing in a cocoon or bird’s nest.

Swingasan Origins

Swingasans originated in South and Central America as a creative way to take traditional hammocks and turn them into more compact, chair-like seating. Today they are growing in popularity around the world as a cozy and contemporary way to incorporate seating into both indoor and outdoor spaces without taking up valuable floor space.

Where to Hang a Swingasan

When placed near a sunny window or underneath a porch overhang, hanging chairs or swingasans make the perfect spot for reading, napping, or simply swaying the day away in comfort.

Here are some ideas for where you can place a swingasan in your home:

  • Living Room – A swingasan makes for a unique living room seating option instead of a traditional couch or armchair. Place it near a window or in a corner to create a cozy reading nook.
  • Bedroom – Hang a swingasan near your bed to create almost a nest-like, peaceful spot for reading before falling asleep.
  • Front Porch – Suspend a swingasan from the ceiling of a covered front porch for the perfect spot to lounge on a nice day. Add some comfy pillows and blankets to make it extra cozy.
  • Backyard Patio – Create a relaxing oasis in your backyard by hanging a swingasan from a porch overhang or a tree branch. Sway gently while enjoying the fresh air.
  • Sun Room – Fill an empty corner of a sunlit breakfast nook or sun room with a swingasan for airy, relaxed seating.
  • Dorm Room – College dorms are cramped, so a hanging chair is perfect for fitting seating without taking up valuable floor space.
  • Nursery – Give the nursery a comfy spot for late night feedings and baby rocking sessions.
  • Office – Hang a small swingasan in your home office for taking quick reading breaks and promoting creative thinking.
  • Covered Balcony – If you have an apartment, condo or townhouse with a covered balcony, place a swingasan outside to enjoy city views as you gently sway.

The options are endless for where you can create a sanctuary for relaxation with a suspended swingasan seat!

Hanging chair in high ceiling living room via @lize_viljoen
Neutral living room with hanging chair

How to Decorate a Swingasan or Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are a fun way to add a bohemian or relaxed vibe to your home. There are lots of ways you can style and decorate a swingasan to suit your space and taste:

  • Throw pillows and blankets – Lots of plush pillows, embroidered blankets, or knitted throws set a cozy scene for curling up to read or nap in your hanging chair. Go for neutral creams, tans and beiges or more colorful boho patterns.
  • Wall hanging – Hang an eye catching tapestry or macrame wall hanging directly behind the chair as an intriguing focal point and colorful backdrop as you gently sway.
  • Planters – Suspend air plants, trailing vines or delicate ferns in hanging planters around the swingasan to enhance the relaxation zone with calming greenery.
  • Lanterns – Strategically place paper or bamboo lanterns labeled with candles or string lights on the wall or from the ceiling around your swingasan for a dreamy glowing atmosphere.
  • Sheer curtains – Add breezy curtains that match other textiles in the space to frame the area and boost the comfy nest vibe. Soft billowing fabrics can set a serene scene.

From cozy and casual to bohemian chic, a swingasan is the perfect blank canvas for creating an undisturbed sanctuary for self care moments or simple relaxation at the end of the day. Add layers of lush elements and textures to style it up to your taste and current color scheme. Happy hanging!

Brown rattan swing chair via Scent of Obsession
Scent of Obsession
Living room with Hanging chair via Three Birds Renovations
Three Birds Renovations
Rattan hanging chair with fur throw via GG
Glitter Guide
Natural and brown wicker hanging chair via By Milou
By Milou
Black wire hanging chair via Studio Home
Studio Home
White hanging rattan chair in wood ceiling room

Would you put a hanging chair in your home?


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