11 Genius Book Storage Ideas for Avid Readers

This article will show you some creative and practical book storage ideas that can help you organize the various books in your home. Whether you’re looking for a way to declutter your bookshelf, or need some inspiration for how to store your treasured book collection, this article will provide you with plenty of ideas to get you started.

We’ll cover everything from creative shelving to bookshelf organization, so you can make the most of your book storage space. We’ll focus on the living room and common areas since we’ve already shared bedroom book storage ideas previously. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your books organized and easily accessible. So, let’s get started!

Bookshelf with Ladder

Book storage ideas malcusa

Wall of Books

Book storage ideas living room wall Violet Short Photography
Violet Short Photography

Wall of Books

Book storage ideas living room @fabriksen

Suspended Bookshelf with Daybed

Book storage ideas daybed simonepolk

Bathroom Book Oasis

Book storage ideas bathroom tub @cortedellamaesta_italy

Fireplace Bookshelves

Book storage ideas around fireplace aconcept_incuration

Mid-Century Open Shelving

Book storage ideas aaroninteriors

Bedroom Book Nook

Bedroom Book storage ideas @theslowtraveler

Room Divider

Book storage ideas @atelier_leymariegourdon

Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinet book storage matylda_daktyl

Floor to Ceiling

Book storage ideas @anotherstudio.dk @madogbolig
@anotherstudio.dk @madogbolig

I hope you found these book storage ideas inspiring and came up with a few good ways to design bookshelves in your home.


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