19 Rustic Farmhouse Wall Sconces

Farmhouse Sconce Lights on the Bedroom Walls

Farmhouse sconces can be great ways to add additional lighting to the walls of your home without taking up too much space. Since sconces are attached to the wall, they can illuminate a space in a targeted area. You can direct lighting from a sconce upwards, downwards, or evenly around, which is what makes this lighting fixture a versatile piece of your home lighting set-up!

Farmhouse Sconces

Farmhouse lighting often incorporates wood and metal as its primary materials. Vintage and industrial design elements heavily influence the general Farmhouse decor style. Let’s take a peek at some of the most quintessential Farmhouse style sconces.


I love these two black Farmhouse barn light sconces placed above the bed in this Farmhouse bedroom! It gives the room a vintage, industrial feel.

More Farmhouse Decor Ideas

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Happy curating!


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