15 Farmhouse Art Ideas for the Home

Welcome back to my blog! I’m so excited to share some fun and affordable farmhouse art ideas to help you bring a rustic, country charm into your home. Farmhouse décor has become wildly popular over the last few years due to its cozy and inviting vibe.

Today, you don’t have to live on an actual farm or in a rural setting to embrace the farmhouse aesthetic. With just a few key decorative accents, you can easily transform any space into a rural farmhouse oasis.

In this post, I’ll be focusing on art and paintings for modern Farmhouse wall décor. I’ll share where to find great printed canvases, wood signs, tin signs, and other wall art with modern farmhouse flair. You’ll discover budget-friendly finds along with some splurges worth the investment.

I’ll also provide tips on how to style your farmhouse finds and properly work them into your existing décor. Get ready to learn easy ways to makeover your walls and embrace the wholesome, pastoral charm of farmhouse décor.

Whatever you taste, we hope these farmhouse art ideas will inspire you! Let’s get started!

Farmhouse Paintings, Prints & Sculptures

Farmhouse art is the perfect way to decorate the walls of your modern country home.  Farmhouse art often depicts many of the Farmhouse style motifs we know and love: barn houses, farm animals, flowers, expansive landscapes, and more. 

Here are some examples of popular farmhouse art, paintings, prints, and sculptures:

  • Vintage-style botanical prints – Classic images of flowers, herbs, and plants in simple black frames.
  • Nature photography – Black and white or sepia-toned prints of trees, fields, rivers, etc.
  • Rustic wood signs – Hand-carved or distressed wood signs with sayings like “Gather,” “Grateful,” or “Farm Fresh Eggs.”
  • Silhouette art – Black profile portraits of people, trees, houses, and animals.
  • Tin signs – Vintage-reproduction ads for feed, seed, tractors, etc. made from rusty tin.
  • Framed chalkboards – Farmhouse quotes and sayings hand-lettered on tiny chalkboards.
  • Metal wall art – Cut out steel shapes like roosters, watering cans, pitchforks, and sunbursts.
  • Mason jar art – Twine-wrapped jars, jar collages, and jar lights as wall art.
  • Paintings of animals – Cows, sheep, chickens, and horses in simple folk or primitive styles.
  • Wreaths – Burlap, twig, or faux botanical wreaths for walls.
  • Antique farm tools – Decorative, repurposed old tools like rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows.

Selecting Art for a Home

Picking out the right artwork for your home is a tough process. You have to consider the size of the piece, the colors, and of course, the subject of the art itself.

If you’re bolder, you might go for a painting that is striking or attention-grabbing. It could be a great way to spark a conversation with guests! Otherwise, you might just want something that blends in with your interior design, enhancing it without overpowering it. 

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