Lighting Fixtures

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few lamps or do a whole-home lighting revamp our Home Lighting Fixture ideas have ideas to illuminate. Discover elegant fixtures to match any decor style, from dazzling chandeliers to subtle sconces. Get tips on picking the perfect pendant lights for your kitchen island or bathroom vanity lighting that flatters. Learn how to mix and match metal finishes, choose the right bulb temperature, and layout lighting for maximum functionality. Dive into our latest posts on home lighting fixtures to find inspiration as you design the perfect ambiance in every room.

Space and Measure for Ceiling Lights marbleandmoree

How to Space and Measure for Ceiling Lights

Learn the proper way to space and measure for ceiling lights in any room. Get tips on layout, spacing guidelines per room size, centering lights over key areas, and using a laser measure to map light locations.
Ceiling Lights Kitchen Pendant Lighting blancmarineliving

7 Major Types of Ceiling Lights

Here are tips for how to choose the best ceiling lighting at home based on the different types of ceiling lights available!
Swing arm lights in the kitchen via juneandblue

What is Swing Arm Lighting?

Swing arm lighting refers to adjustable lamps mounted on arms that can swing and change position, providing flexible directional lighting ideal for tasks like reading and sewing.
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What is Flush Mount Lighting?

Learn about the different types of flush mount lights, best placement, and how to choose the right flush mount fixtures for your needs.
Floor Lamps via Studio McGee Calabasas Remodel

10 Types of Floor Lamps to Consider When Buying

Looking for a new floor lamp? Consider different lamp styles like arc lamps, torchiere lamps, pharmacy lamps and more. Learn about the pros and cons of material, style, height and lighting needs to find the perfect lamp to brighten your space.