5 Types of Table Lamps Interior Designers Love for Homes

We often forget they exist during the day, but once the sun starts to set, we’re so glad to have them. We’re talking about table lamps, of course. This lamp is perfect for providing targeted light in one area, without flooding a room with too much light. That’s what overhead lighting is for after all!

Yes, table lamps are the perfect way to partially illuminate a space, and today we’re sharing five kinds of these functional lamps you simply must-have in your home!

Even though furniture tends to steal our attention when designing the inside of our homes, table lamps are not to be forgotten because they are just so practical and functional. In fact, the table lamp on my nightstand is the last thing I turn off before bed each night. It’s trusty and stylish at the same time. I also rely on my desk lamp to keep my home office properly lit.

Table lamps are also super easy to install, move, and test out – so you don’t have to commit yourself to just one! They’re the perfect decorative item to experiment with within your home. Most require a wall outlet to be plugged in for electricity. Easy peasy!

So, what kind of table lamps are right for you? Here are a few table lamps we consider to be absolutely essential!

Bedside Table Lamp

Resting on a nightstand, these table lamps get us to bed each night without tripping on whatever’s fallen on the floor! The nightstand table lamp is the last light we turn off each night before bed. This one is a must for any bedroom or guest room.


Task Light

Table lamps are especially useful on home office desks. A task light provides targeted light to a desk where we get work done at home. Task lamps often have cone-shaped shades so as to provide ample light on the desk, and shield our eyes from being blinded!


Twin Table Lamps

Table lamps are often purchased in pairs by interior designers. You can place a pair of table lamps in the living room on accent tables on either side of your sofa, or you can place twin table lamps on either side of your bed, on matching nightstands. Another option is to place them on either end of a console table. This is a classic decorative choice that has been popular for many years. Table lamps are often sold in pairs for these very reasons!


Entryway Table Lamp

No more than one table lamp is needed at the entryway of your home, as you most likely have overhead lighting installed already. A table lamp at the entryway can add a nice additional lighting source, and show off your decor personality at the same time. Add it to your console table to complete your entryway look!


You can also leave an entryway lamp on before you head out at night if you live alone so that way you have some light when returning. This is a great idea if you don’t want to waste electricity, but still want to avoid coming home to a dark house.

Reading Light

If you have a reading nook in your home, you’ll most certainly want to add a table lamp to accompany the accent chair so you can easily spend hours reading in a comfortable corner of your home. Adjustable table lamps are perfect for this purpose so you can move them and aim them at what you are reading.


As you can see, there are so many places to consider for additional lighting. I hope this post was useful to you in choosing tabletop lamps for your home!

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  1. This reminds me that I need to check out if there are good deals for reading lamps, we need to replace ours that was destroyed when we shipped our old stuff when we moved

  2. Now, there are many unique types of table lamps available in the market. Once I saw a lamp designed in astraunat’s shape.

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