What is Flush Mount Lighting?

Flush mounts are the lighting fixture of choice in homes with low ceilings and small square footage. These tiny ceiling light fixtures can light up a space beautifully without drawing too much attention.

You may want a flush mount in a room where you have a beautiful piece of artwork or a statement piece of furniture, as too many eye-catching things will clutter a room fast. Let’s chat more about this essential piece of the lighting set-up in your home.

What are Flush Mounts?

What is flush mount lighting in interior design? Flush mount lighting refers to light fixtures that are installed flush or level with the ceiling or wall surface. This sleek, minimalist style of lighting provides an unobtrusive way to illuminate a space. Flush mount fixtures come in many shapes and sizes and are ideal for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas where seamless, understated lighting is desired.

Flush mounts are flat lighting fixtures that sit flat against the ceiling. They don’t have any visible wires hanging down the way that other hanging fixtures like chandeliers and pendants do.

Flush mounts get their name because they sit ‘flush’ against the ceiling without any gaps between the shade and the ceiling. The light shade could be dome or drum shaped and it generally wraps around 2 or 3 internal light bulbs which are diffused through the shade.

Gold Flush Mount in Entryway by @remedy.design

Types of Flush Mounts

Here are the most commonly found types of flush mounts you can buy online. These ceiling lights will brighten your space and be very attractive to home buyers and potential tenants as they are easy to dismount when it comes time to replace the lightbulb.

The finish is the most important consideration when choosing a flush mount. It’s the first thing people see, so think about whether you want something that stands out or blends in with the paint behind the fixture!

These are the most popular types of flush mounts :

Drum Flush Mount

A drum flush mount has flat sides and looks like a drum!

Drum Flush Mount

Bowl Flush Mount

The bowl flush mount looks just like a bowl, with rounded edges. It’s as if a sphere has been cut in half.

Bowl Flush Mount

Dome Flush Mount

A dome flush mount creates a dome. It is the opposite of a bowl flush mount, like it’s been flipped upside down!

Dome Flush Mount

Semi-Flush Mount

This is a fixture that isn’t fully flushed against the ceiling, but remains very close. It could have a wire or a thick rod holding it in place.

Semi Flush Mount

Of course, beyond these major types, you can find many different styles of eclectic flush mounts, even some in the style of crystal chandeliers.

According to Wayfair, one of America’s largest home decor retailers, there are actually dozens of finishes available for flush mounts! In order of popularity, home decorators are often searching for black, matte black, and finally bronze finish flush mount fixtures. These popular finishes will give you a sense of what home buyers are looking for, in case you plan on putting your home on the market soon.

In terms of style, Wayfair noted that the most popular styles of flush mounts searched on their website include modern flush mounts, farmhouse flush mounts, rustic flush mounts, and finally, traditional flush mounts. I guess those are the popular home decorating styles!

The designs most coveted include simple flush mounts, statement flush mounts, shaded flush mounts, and chandelier flush mounts. In terms of the number of lights, the majority of customers are often searching for mounts with 3 or 2 lights.

Making Your Choice

We hope this flush mount buying guide was useful as you weigh the many lighting options for your home! We try to recommend the best fixtures available at all times by judging the existing customer reviews, the aesthetic of the item, and of course the price point.

Take a moment and reflect before you make a purchase for your home. When it comes to lighting, it’s so important that you don’t want to make a mistake and be stuck with a flush mount that doesn’t suit your needs or taste!

Here are a few of our recent articles on flush mounts by style:

Let us know your thoughts on our recommendations in the comments below, and if you have found a flush mount for your house that you are super happy with! We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy curating!


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