37 Bohemian Wall Decorations for Boho Style Walls

If you love eclectic and worldly decor, then these bohemian wall decor ideas will be interesting to you. We love bohemian decor for its ethnic charm and cheerful colors. Bohemian decor often features natural elements and botanical motifs, and wall decor is no exception! There can sometimes be small touches of metallics like gold and silver. Let’s get started decorating your boho walls!

Bohemian Wall Decor Accents

Our bohemian wall decor ideas will include floral wallpaper, macramé wall decorations, woven basket wall decor, mud cloth wall decor, tapestries, metallic mirrors, carved wood accents, bamboo wall decor, feather decor, crochet dream catchers, and eclectic art. Some of the pieces are handmade and others are crafted using natural materials. Boho decor is all about keeping things as earthy as possible. When it comes to colors, you’ll find a lot of earthy browns and forest greens – in addition to bright colors to give these pieces some character! Check out our selection of wall decorations below.


I love how Chango and Co design company used a group of woven baskets to create a beautiful piece to hang above the bed in this neutral bedroom. As you can see, it’s easy to incorporate boho wall decorations into any space – adding lots of character to an otherwise minimalist room.

Bohemian wall decor ideas @changoandco

More Bohemian Decor Ideas

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Happy decorating!

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