How to Create a Tropical Oasis at Home Affordably

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One of my absolute favorite decorating styles is the tropical decor style. From palm trees to exotic birds, I love so many motifs about tropical climate-inspired interior design.

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Tropical Oasis Decor Tips

I found so many cute tropical decorations and I wanted to share the best ones with you guys here today! These are my best tips for creating a tropical oasis at home affordably!

Plants, plants, plants

Tropical decorating is all about having real live plants. From majestic palms to monstera (aka the Swiss cheese plant), plants that are typically found in the Caribbean and other warm climates are the perfect way to create a tropical interior design.

White throw blanket Tropical Oasis at Home_IMG_0351

Flowery Scents

Pick up an affordable candle to give your home a fresh, tropical scent. I found this beautiful two-wick Garden Roses premium floral candle from Walmart to make my home smell divine!

Garden Roses candle Tropical Oasis at Home_IMG_0434

Pillows with Nature Motifs

As I always say, throw pillows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your living room or bedroom an updated look! This colorful tropical bird throw pillow was the perfect accessory for the accent chair in my living room!

Colorful Bird Pillow Tropical Oasis at Home_IMG_0385

Jute Baskets

When it comes to tropical home decorating, you can never have too many jute and straw baskets! These come in many sizes and are perfect for holding your indoor house plants, throw blankets, books, and more!

Jute basket for Tropical Oasis at Home_IMG_0572

Light-Colored Palette

Keep your overall interior color palette light and airy! This white throw blanket from Walmart helps reflect the sunlight throughout the room!

White blanket and Indoor Plants and Tropical Oasis at Home_IMG_0359

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on how to decorate a tropical oasis at home!


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