21 Southwestern Style Home Decor Ideas

Southwestern decor is a home decorating style inspired by the southwestern region of the United States. It is also referred to as “desert decor” because of the hot climate associated with this style of design. Homes in states like Arizona and New Mexico are likely to be decorated in the southwestern decor style. If you love the “Wild Wild West” charm of western desert America, then this decorative style could be right for you.

Southwestern Style Decor

Southwest Decor Ideas via @raili_ca_design

If you want to adopt the southwestern decorating style in your home, here are the basics you’ll want to know as you get started. Even if you don’t live in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Joshua Tree you can still decorate your home in the southwestern style with our tips!

Southwest home decor has been influenced by many different aesthetics including traditional Spanish home decor, nature-filled boho decor, customary Mexican textiles, and even the simplicity of mid-century modern wood furniture. Take what resonates with you the most to create the southwestern home decor style of your dreams.

Neutral Base

Southwest Decor neutral colors phoenix arizona home newdarlings

Start with a neutral base when decorating your home and the southwestern style. Beige or light yellow walls look beautiful behind light wash wood furniture. You can also incorporate decorative elements in shades of brown and tan reminiscent of leather throughout your home.

Earthy Tones

Southwest decor bedroom Earthy Tones thejoshuatreehouse

Layer your neutral southwest interior design foundation with earthy tones like burnt orange, rust, mustard yellow, cactus green, dark red, and dirt brown.

Desert Vibes

Southwestern Decor Living Room Desert Vibes Native American Textiles michelle qazi
michelle qazi

Use plants that are often found in the desert like cactus and succulents when decorating your Southwestern home. Go for art that shows a sunset behind the expansive American desert.

Native American Patterns

Southwestern decor bedroom Native American Pattern Rug lucyinteriordesign

Native American rugs, pillows and blankets are often associated with Southwest decor. This quintessential Indigenous print is easily recognizable by its bright colors and geometrical designs.

Southwest decor Navajo accent pillows via @tomboysantacruz

Native Americans, specifically the Navajo tribe, are masters at textile crafts and they make a beautiful home linens. Try these Native American throw pillows to add easy Southwestern accents.

Wrought Iron

Southwest decor Wrought Iron spanish staircase rail Robert Finkelhor design
Robert Finkelhor design

Many southwestern homes have beautiful black wrought iron staircase banisters and other iron interior elements. This is due to the influence of Spanish home design since the Spanish were the first European settlers to inhabit the area centuries ago.

Stucco Walls

Southwestern style decor Stucco fireplace Rich and Sara Combs
Rich and Sara Combs

Stucco homes are very common in the southwest. They are energy efficient and help keep southwestern homes cool. Paint your stucco walls an earthy color like orange or yellow to bring out the southwest flair.

Cactus and Indoor House Plants

Southwest decor bedroom with Cactus Airbnb

Cactus thrive in the desert. They make great southwestern style home decor!

Ranch Style

Southwest Decor Ranch Horse Photography desertdecor

Many southwest homes sit on ranches. The interior decor might be influenced by the animals on the ranch such as horses, cattle and cows. You might find cowhide rugs, horse photography, and ram horns inside southwest homes.

Mid-Century Furniture

Southwest decor living room fireplace mid-century leather chairs thejoshuatreehouse

Many Southwest homes have mid century style furniture in every room. The dark brown tones of the wood give the space a calming neutral feel.

Indoor Pottery

Southwest decor Indoor Pottery @santafefound

Don’t be afraid to use lots of clay pottery inside your home to get the Southwestern look right. Putting plants inside is optional; they look beautiful regardless!


From a sheepskin throw to a sheepskin rug or pillow, faux fur is one cozy fabric that goes so well with a southwest home vibe.

Woven Baskets

Southwest decor entryway hacienda woven baskets wall Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Hallie Meyers-Shyer

The Navajo tribe is well known for their woven baskets which make great decorative elements for a southwest interior design. Hang them on the wall in your entryway above the console table!

Leather Furniture

Southwest decor Leather Accent Chairs Scottsdale living room heatherscotthome

Much of southwestern decor takes inspiration from animals. It makes sense that southwestern homes would have lots of leather furniture inside as well. A brown leather sofa would fit in perfectly!

Reclaimed Wood

Southwestern decor living room reclaimed wood coffee table lucyinteriordesign

Live edge furniture made of reclaimed wood is a great way to incorporate sturdy and durable furniture into your Southwest home interior design. These live edge coffee tables would be perfect for this style of home.

Colorful Terracotta Tile

Southwest decor terracotta tiles Melissa Young My Studio ID
Melissa Young My Studio ID

Colorful terracotta tiles are often found in Southwest kitchens, bathrooms, or even outdoors. These warm brown/orange tiles are perfect for getting that desert vibe at hone.

Guitar Decor

Southwest decor guitar walls vintage records via mackenziecollierinteriors
Mackenzie Collier Interiors

The southwest region is heavily associated with music thanks to its Spanish-Mexican influence. A warm brown guitar is the perfect decorative element for your home. Bonus points if someone in your home can play it!

Spanish Influence

Southwest decor Spanish influence Foxfire Mountain House @zioandsons

There are lots of Spanish style southwestern homes in southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas. Here is an example of a Spanish style staircase.

Outdoor Patio

Southwest Decor Outdoor Patio area thejoshuatreehouse

The southwest United States is known for its extreme dry heat climate! That’s why a cozy outdoor patio area is a must.

Longhorn Skulls

Southwest Decor Longhorn Skull thewildreclaimed

Many southwestern homes have animal skulls mounted to the walls as decoration. You can find faux cow skulls or longhorn skulls to use as decoration from places like Etsy. Mount them above your bed or Southwestern sofa for example.

Southwestern Decor Instagram Accounts

For more Southwestern decorating ideas, follow these accounts: @newdarlings @thejoshuatreehouse @desertdecor.

Stay tuned for more southwestern decorating ideas on our site!

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  1. Some interesting ideas, however your baskets are not Navajo! They maybe southwest but are most likely Pima, Papago, or Tohono O’odham, but definitely not Navajo!

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