19 Best Rattan Chairs for Every Space in Your Home

If you’re going for a neutral home decor theme or you have a statement sofa that you need to pair a chair with, then you should consider rattan chairs. Rattan chairs are typically a light brown color, meaning they can complement both a colorful sofa as well as a dark brown or neutral sofa!

You may be wondering if rattan is the same thing as wicker. This is a common question because many chairs will be described as wicker chairs or rattan chairs, but they have similar materials and appearance.

In most cases, rattan and wicker are used to describe the same thing. Rattan is technically a thin and flexible stem of the palm. When woven through frames, it becomes wicker. Essentially, wicker is just the method for weaving which results in the woven patterns we often see on our furniture. Similarly, cane is another method for weaving rattan palms – and gives us the lovely coastal look we know on cane furniture.

Because of the palm base material, rattan chairs are great for use in coastal-themed rooms and beach homes! The light brown color creates warmth in a space to balance out the blues you may have in a coastal-inspired room.

Here are the best rattan chairs we’ve found that can be used in a variety of spaces from the dining room, to the kitchen, to outdoor lounge chairs!

Rattan Dining Chairs

Give your dining room a beach theme by using sturdy rattan chairs:


Rattan woven Kiley Dining Chair


Crossback Margrett Rattan Side Chair


Rattan Fort Myers Side Chair


Rattan Donatella Natural White Wash Cotton Chair


Natural Braided Rattan Chair with Black Metal Frame - BD Edition

These rattan dining chairs sit around a white tulip table. The pink and blue faded rug adds character to this room without overwhelming the occupants.

Rattan Dining Chairs via melissa lenox
Melissa Lenox

Rattan Accent Chairs

Here are a few of our favorite rattan lounge chairs.


Cane back Rattan Deleon Armchair


Deloris Rattan Side Chair


KOUBOO Tonga Rattan Indoor Lounge Chair


Natural Rattan Willis Wingback Chair WM


Pari Rattan Chair from Anthropologie


Cecilia Rattan Accent Chair, Beige OKL

Bar Stools & Counter Height Chairs

Rattan bar stools can be wonderful in a coastal themed kitchen. Here are our picks for counter height rattan chairs:


Blue and White French Rattan Dallin Bar Stool


Rattan Kiley 26-inch Counter Height Stool


Seraphina Coastal Rattan Bar Stool


Rattan Bar Stool with handle

16. I can swivel!

Jamison Rattan Swivel Bar Stool

Outdoor Chairs

These rattan patio chairs are ideal for lounging outside.


Hanging Rattan Chair for Outdoor or Indoor use


Rattan Lounge Chair design by BD Edition


Rattan Weaved Capistrano Outdoor Dining Chair - Dune

Paired with white seat cushions, indoor plants, a baby blue wall color and a wooden coffee table, these double side chairs add a Cuban, tropical vibe to this living room:

Rattan Lounge Chairs Living Room via domino

As you can see, there is a wide range of chairs to choose from. Because rattan is a beige color, it can easily be incorporated into different decoration styles and tastes. The material is durable and efficient. What do you think of these chairs? Which ones would you add to your space?


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