10 Best Shearling Accent Chairs (+How to Style Them)

Cozying up to comfort! With winter’s chill in the air, it’s time to create an inviting environment inside our homes. Few accent chairs achieve that more beautifully than those featuring shearling upholstery. Swathed in soft, curly sheepskin, shearling chairs instantly transform any space into a place you’ll want to linger. The warm texture and toothsome touch of the plush shearling entices one to run their hands across its surface and sink into its plush embrace.

Not only are these chairs pleasing to the eye and touch, the natural materials also provide proven soothing benefits. I’ll explore the cozy shearling accent chair trend – where it comes from, why it resonates now, and how you can introduce this charming, warming element into your home decor.

We’ll go into the ins and outs of how to select the highest quality shearling chair, where to source them, and stylistic considerations like colors and shapes that manifest their comfort best. So settle in, get comfortable, and check out the stylish shearling chair phenomena that are sweeping chic interiors this season!

Pick the Best Shearling Chair

Here are some tips for selecting a high-quality shearling chair:

  1. Check the leather grade and source. Higher quality shearling comes from full grain or top grain leather from sheep in places like Europe and New Zealand. It will feel smooth and consistent to the touch. Lower quality can come from splits (the inside part of leather) and may have imperfections.
  2. Inspect the stitching, which should be tight, even and durable looking. Avoid chairs where you can see gaps in the stitching which indicates poorer craftsmanship that won’t hold up over time.
  3. Assess the thickness and density of the shearling. Better quality means thicker double-sided pelts that feel luxuriously soft and dense vs thin layers that may wear out sooner. Compress the fur with your hands to gauge consistency.
  4. Consider the chair frame under the shearling. Opt for kiln-dried hardwood frames and avoid cheaper softwoods like pine which scratch and warp easier. Durable frames ensure good shearling tension and longevity.
  5. Choose trusted brands known for fine quality materials and construction methods, like over-dyed, ethically-sourced shearling to ensure what you’re paying for is high caliber for the price.
  6. Examine care instructions before buying. Good shearling is fit to spot cleanse gently with quality leather cleaners to maintain excellent condition for a lifetime of enjoyment.

I hope these insider tips help you select the finest shearling chair to add lavish comfort to your home!

How to Style Your Shearling Chair

Wondering how to decorate your new shearling accent chair? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Shearling chairs go best with neutral-colored interiors. Their texture gives them enough character to work in most spaces.

Danish shearling accent chairs bruksmann
Shearling accent chair coteacoast

Get the mid-century modern look with a shearling chair like this one.

Shearling swan chair mid-century style moncxiii
Philip Arctander Clam Chair in Shearling modernlinknyc

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