29 Industrial Dining Rooms with Raw Beauty

Industrial dining rooms are commonly found in loft apartments and urban interiors. Even if you don’t live in a metropolitan area home, you can still take inspiration from these beautiful interior style dining rooms for your home.

Industrial decor takes its cues from old factories, abandoned warehouses, old manufacturing plants, and other spaces from decades past. From brick walls to metal beams and exposed pipes, there are lots of ways to spot an industrial style interior!

Industrial Dining Room Ideas

Let’s take a peek at some industrial dining rooms we found online. Many interior designers have mastered the look of the modern industrial home – complete with many of the contemporary comforts we all expect. The dining room is a place for gathering to share a meal, not for working after all! From rustic dining tables to metal dining chairs and raw lighting fixtures, each of these dining rooms has an industrial charm of its own.

Here are our favorite industrial dining room decor ideas. These are the topics that will be covered: industrial dining room ceilings, walls and floors, dining tables and dining chairs for the space, buffets, overhead lighting, and decorations!

I hope this guide on how to decorate an industrial dining room helps you out!

Industrial Interior Architecture

Let’s start off by talking about common industrial style interior architecture elements that are found in these types of homes. You’ll need to think about how you want the walls, ceilings, and floors of your industrial dining room to look. Industrial dining rooms have several key features that give them a quintessential look. Here are some examples of the ‘bones’ of an industrial home.

Open Layout

Our first industrial style dining room shows the open layout concept commonly seen in industrial style lofts and apartments. One room flows effortlessly into the next, and walls tend to be exterior facing. This industrial dining room has gorgeous leather chairs around a rustic dining table. A brown leather sofa sits perpendicular to the dining table. A large wall of windows lets the natural light flood in the raw space. 

Open Layout Industrial Dining Room via My Leitmotiv
My Leitmotiv

Brick Walls

Red brick walls are another popular architectural feature of industrial residences. This brick wall has white paint slowly peeling down from the ceiling, giving it an unfinished, distressed look. A white ladder leans against the wall holding reading material. A coat rack hangs on the other end. 

Industrial Dining Room with Brick Wall

Concrete Floors and Tin Walls

I love how unique this dining room is. It has gray concrete floors that have been smoothed over and a silver tin wall. The brick wall has been painted white. A silver metal dining table and metal dining chairs make up the dining room furniture.  

Concrete Floors and Tin Walls in industrial dining room via PAD studio
PAD studio

Black Metal Frame Glass Panes

This dining room has been separated by black metal framed glass panes. There is even a sliding door that can be opened and closed as needed. I like how this dining room door doesn’t hinder light, but still creates a barrier. 

Industrial Dining Room with Black Metal Frame Glass Panes

Exposed Metal Beams

Many industrial homes feature exposed metal beams and pipes. Here you can see the black metal ceiling beams which support the roof above the dining room. 

Industrial Dining Room with Exposed Metal Beams

Copper Ceiling

For a warm and unique look, consider covering your ceiling with copper tiles, as seen in this gorgeous vintage industrial dining room. They look beautiful next to the red brick wall and painted white wall. The dining table below has eye-catching turquoise dining chairs.

Copper Ceiling in Industrial Dining Room Design by Depole Design
Depole Design

Gray Tiled Floor

For a unique dining room floor, try these black and gray diamond floor tiles which bring out the industrial colors of this dining room. I also admire the metal room divider on the left of this room! 

Gray Tiled Floor in Industrial Dining Room

Industrial Dining Room Table Ideas

Every dining room needs a dining table first and foremost so this is a good place to start as you go about choosing your industrial dining room furniture. Here are several industrial dining table ideas. This is one of the most important industrial dining room decor ideas to pay attention to!

Rustic Dining Table

A solid plan for your industrial style dining room is to go with a rustic wood dining table. This industrial dining room has a beautiful warm wood table which gives it a welcoming feel. Black tolix chairs sit around it for sitting down to enjoy a meal! 

Rustic Dining Table in Industrial Dining Room via Emerick Architects
Emerick Architects

Wood and Metal Dining Table

This wood and metal dining table fits in perfectly with the industrial interior design. The table has a rustic wood surface with solid black metal legs on wheels. Several wood dining chairs with metal legs sit around the table. A copper pendant light hangs from the ceiling above. 

Industrial Dining Room with Wood and Metal Table

Custom Geometric Dining Furniture

This industrial dining room design is totally unique, with custom geometric dining furniture installed in the space. The sharp edges of these tables and chairs surely aren’t kid friendly, but their design does make for some striking pieces of furniture!

Custom Geometric Dining Furniture in Industrial Dining Room via Nathalie Priem for Domus Nova Design
Domus Nova Design

Industrial Dining Room Dining Chair Ideas

Once you have a better idea of the dining table you’d like to use, it’s time to find some great dining chairs for you and your family and guests to sit in! You’ll want to pick chairs that fit in well with your aesthetic, but are comfortable at the same time. Don’t be afraid to mix several different styles of dining chairs.

Leather Dining Chairs with Wood Legs

Our first example of industrial dining chairs is this beautiful leather chair with wood legs and studded edges. The chairs have been upholstered with plush seat cushions so they are clearly good for long sitting sessions. 

Leather dining chairs and black rod chandelier in Industrial Dining Room via LUX Design
LUX Design

Silver Metal Tolix Chairs

The tolix chair is one of the most quintessential industrial chairs you can buy. Here is an example of a dining room furnished with 10 tolix chairs around a rustic table. These metal chairs are slightly distressed and painted a faded gray color.  

Tolix chairs industrial dining room via Penny Lane Home Builders
Penny Lane Home Builders

Eames Molded Plastic Dining Chairs

This is definitely a brighter industrial dining room than what we’ve seen so far. I like how this room takes advantage of the natural light streaming in from the ceiling window, giving it life. The white Eames molded plastic dining chairs help reflect that light into the space. A light wood dining table keeps this room very warm and welcoming. Overall, it’s a great dining room design!

Eames Molded Dining Chairs in Industrial Dining Room via SR interior design
SR interior design

Black Tolix Dining Chairs

You can also find tolix chairs in a sleek black finish, as seen here. This is a dining room that has a lot more indoor house plants to balance out the dark tones and shades of brown. 

Industrial Dining Room with Black Tolix Dining Chairs

Leather Dining Chair with Metal Legs

Another great idea for dining chairs is to go for these leather dining chairs with black metal legs. This minimalist industrial dining room has six of them around a simple wood table. A black metal cage pendant hangs centered above the table, almost like a work of art! 

Brown Leather Dining Chairs with Black metal legs in Industrial Dining Room Decor and Furniture via Mikelle Mabey
Mikelle Mabey

Black Pantone Chairs

Black Pantone chairs can make for a unique industrial dining room design. These sleek black dining chairs sit peacefully around a dining table in a rustic, open layout apartment.

Pantone Chairs in industrial dining room via APAVISA vintage collection
APAVISA vintage collection

Industrial Dining Room Buffet Ideas

The buffet is a great piece of furniture to add to any dining room. Here are a few industrial dining room decor ideas that allow you to incorporate a buffet into your home. Buffets can be used for storing serving platters, large bowls, plates, flatware and more! 

Metal Buffet with 16 Filing Drawers

This metal buffet has 16 separate drawers for storage! It has a rustic wood surface and looks great in this industrial dining room with mismatched dining chairs. It’s been decorated with a large graphic print that says “Milan Paris New York London” in a black frame. 

Buffet in Industrial Dining Room via Sabine Burkunk for vtwonen

Wood Buffet and Gritty Rolling Car Buffet

I love this industrial chic dining room which looks like it belongs to a Scandinavian home. It has several beautiful mismatched dining chairs around a wood dining table. Three silver dome pendant lights hanging above the dining table. A few faux fur throws have been tossed over some of the dining chairs. Of course, the buffets in this dining room really steal the show! There is a white wood buffet to the left with some open shelving and several drawers. To the right is a rustic wood and metal buffet on wheels. There is certainly plenty of storage in this dining room! 

Buffet and Half Tone Wall in Industrial Dining Room decor via Studio Swen Burgheim
Studio Swen Burgheim

Industrial Dining Room Lighting Ideas

A good source of overhead lighting is necessary to create a cozy and practical dining room. These industrial dining rooms have beautiful lighting fixtures that are not only useful, but give the room character! 

Iron Pendant Dome Lights

These unique lighting fixtures are very industrial in design. Two iron domes serve as a shade for the light and they have down by chain link cords. The concrete dining table and black dining chairs complete this industrial dining room design. 

Iron Pendant Lights and Concrete Dining Table in Industrial Dining Room by Stash Home
Stash Home

Bare Light Bulbs

Many industrial interiors have lighting that consists of a group of bare light bulbs hanging down by a thin black cord. Here you can see the lovely effect this gives to the dining space. 

Bare light bulbs in urban industrial dining room via Joe Traina Photography
Joe Traina Photography

Large Dome Pendant Lights

These large silver dome pendant lights are adjustable in height. They are certainly bulky but can give a very raw appearance if you love that factory inspired interior look. 

Industrial Dome Pendant Lighting in Industrial Dining Room Design via Harvest and Company Amsterdam
Harvest and Company Amsterdam

Copper Dome Pendant Lights

Two copper dome pendant lights hang above this industrial dining table, giving the room warmth. Using copper and brown wood can instantly warm up any interior space as these are welcoming colors. I’m definitely a fan of using copper in an industrial interior as it’s more unexpected than a silver gray material.

Copper Dome Pendant Lights above Industrial Dining Room Table via Jo Cowen Architects
Jo Cowen Architects

Industrial Dining Room Decorations

Once you have the furniture set up, it’s time to add some decorations to your dining room and make it feel like home. From the walls to the centerpiece, there are lots of ways to decorate your dining room in the industrial style. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your creativity. These industrial dining room decor ideas tend to be the most affordable and easy! 

Cowhide Rug

A cowhide rug is the perfect addition to this industrial style dining room with black metal dome lights and a rustic wood dining table.  

Open Wall Shelving in Industrial Dining Room via Oliver Burns
Oliver Burns

Black Metal Bar Cart

If you like to serve drinks and entertain, then having a black metal bar cart stocked with alcohol and glasses can come in handy! 

Black Metal Bar Cart in Industrial Dining Room via Denton House Design Studio
Denton House Design Studio

Jute Woven Rug

This modern industrial dining room looks so cozy with a beige jute woven rug on the floor, centering the dining area, which is open to the kitchen. A built-in bench sits across from the dining table against the painted white brick wall. 

Jute woven rug in Modern Industrial dining room design via Stitchroom

Black and White Art

If you love art, then consider some abstract black and white art or prints to hang on the walls of your dining room. This gray dining room looks beautiful with art installed on the wall. 

Black and White Art in Gray Industrial Dining Room Design by Houzz

Open Wall Shelving

For extra storage, consider installing some built-in open wall shelving against one of the walls in your dining room. These gray shelves hold lots of ceramics, vases, plates and jugs for serving meals and drinks. 

Cowhide Rug in Industrial Dining Room

A small gallery wall with black frames is one of the best industrial dining room decor ideas we have to share with you. Gallery walls work in so many interiors and work together to create one beautiful wall decoration. 

Gallery Wall with Black Frames in Industrial Dining Room via Style-Files Studio Bril
Style-Files Studio Bril

Black Smeg Fridge

For easy access to the refrigerator, why not install one in your dining room? This black vintage refrigerator design looks beautiful in this raw industrial interior. 

Black Smeg Fridge in Industrial Dining Room with Black Metal Accents

I hope these industrial dining rooms inspired you. Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below! 

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