12 Best Bar Carts for Home Entertaining

Bar carts are back and they are cooler than ever! If you love to entertain at home, then you need a bar cart. From serving drinks to storing alcohol, bar carts are essential for any home bar.

But, what kind of bar cart is right for you? Today we’ll share the different types of bar carts to consider!

What is a Bar Cart? A bar cart is a rolling cart that is used to store and serve alcohol when entertaining at home. Bar carts typically have shelves or racks to hold bottles and glasses. Some bar carts even have built-in wine racks! They are sometimes called serving carts or trolleys.

Bar carts are great for entertaining at home. They make it easy to serve drinks and keep everything organized. Plus, they add a touch of luxury to your living room or dining room.

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Best of Home Bar Carts

There are many types of bar carts available on the market, from simple and functional designs to more luxurious and eye-catching options. Here are some of the most popular types of bar carts to consider.

Rolling Bar Carts

Rolling Bar Cart

Rolling bar carts with wheels are designed for easy mobility, so you can effortlessly move them around your home as needed. These are also called Trolley bar carts. They are the best kind of bar cart you want! This one is currently the top-selling bar cart at Wayfair (according to average positive reviews) so you can probably trust it’s a good one!

Brass Bar Carts

Brass Bar Cart

Brass bar carts are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your home bar. These are best for mid-century modern homes and interior design with a contemporary look.

Modern Bar Carts

Modern Bar Carts

Modern bar carts are sleek and minimalistic, a smart solution for a contemporary home. They do the job without making a fuss.

Vintage Style Bar Cart

Vintage Style Bar Cart

Vintage style bar carts are ideal for adding a bit of retro style to your home. They work best in traditional homes.

Rattan Bar Cart

Rattan bar cart

Rattan bar carts are great for adding a touch of coastal boho style to your home. Rattan is a durable material popular for making furniture.

Bar Cart with Wine Rack

Wine Bottle Rack Bar Carts

The best wine bottle rack bar carts come with a built-in wine rack, so you can store your wine bottles and serving glasses right on the cart itself.

Round Bar Cart

Round Bar Cart

Round bar carts are perfect for small spaces because they can be easily moved around and don’t take up much space.

Minimalist Bar Cart

Minimalist bar cart

Minimalist bar carts are ideal for those who want a sleek and simple design. They work best in modern and contemporary home interiors.

Riviera Style Bar Cart

Riviera Style Bar Cart

Riviera style bar carts add a touch of French style to your home. The top shelf also works as a removable tray, making it easy to serve drinks.

Portable Party Cart

Portable Party Cart

This type of bar cart is essentially an ice chest on wheels! It’s great if you like to move your bar around often. Portable party carts are typically made of lightweight materials like aluminum or plastic. They usually have two or three shelves for plenty of storage.

Outdoor Bar Carts

Outdoor Bar Carts

Outdoor bar carts are designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for entertaining on your patio or deck. Go for a bar cart made of teak, aluminum, or another weather-resistant material.

Smart Bar Carts

Smart bar cart

This electric bar cart offers a refrigeration zone to hold up to 39 wine bottles. It plugs in via power card, but stays cold for an extended amount of time as you cart it around! An ice bucket and cutting board surface on top let you prepare drinks with ease.


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