29 DIY Coastal Decorations and Home Decor Ideas

Coastal theme home decor ideas are a great way to make your home look like it is located on the beach or an island in the middle of an ocean! Coastal interior design is a popular decorating theme that is popping up in homes all over the country, even in non-beach homes.

Coastal decorating can be applied to any room in the house, but the living room tends to be the most popular for DIY coastal decor. This is because it’s a central room in the house where the family spends the most time. Plus, we welcome lots of guests to our coastal beach home living room. For this reason, it’s great to put lots of coastal DIY decor in there!

DIY Coastal Decorations & Home Decor

Don’t rush into buying expensive coastal home decorations if you’re on a budget. It’s better to spend some time crafting what you need as long as you are happy with the result.

Take your time when following the tutorials for making these items. Choosing something based on looks and appearances is excellent, but it is the execution that counts!

Here are the best DIY coastal decorations and home decor ideas. You can create some beautiful handmade decor for your beach home with these handy tutorials.

DIY Blue Striped Coastal Farmhouse Wreath

I love this rustic coastal blue striped wreath which can be used indoors so outdoors to add a little nautical charm to your space. This is one coastal craft I’d be excited to make!

DIY Blue Striped Coastal Farmhouse Wreath via DIYBeautify

DIY Beach Style Crab Pillow Home Decor

Save some money by making this chic beach-style crab pillow at home one day.

DIY Beach Style Crab Pillow via refreshrestyle

DIY Coastal Tic-Tac-Toe Game Decor

Buying multiple coastal coffee table decorations can add up fast, so why not make some yourself? This beautiful DIY tic-tac-toe game is decorative and fun for the kids! It’s a win for all.

DIY Coastal Tic-Tac-Toe game decor via sandandsisal

Fun fact, starfish are considered symbolic representations of luck and fortune. For centuries, people have been using this particular kind of fish to decorate their homes and other places. The best thing about having a starfish in your living room is that you can use it as an accent to different colors in your house.

Large Glass Buoys DIY Decor

This is one of the most beautiful DIY coastal decorations I’ve seen.

Large glass buoys DIY decor via craftberrybush

This is one of the best coastal DIY decor ideas. It does not only bring positive energy but also helps you in making the negative energy go away. Aside from bringing good luck, it is also great for the coastal vibe of your home.

DIY Coastal Rope Rug

This small coastal rope rug is a DIY decor project you can take on in an afternoon.

DIY coastal rope rug via tidbits-cami

DIY Nautical beach house Wall Decor

These are some great nautical decorating ideas for wall and fireplace decor in a coastal home.

DIY Nautical beach house Wall Decor via birdsparty

DIY Coastal Handmade Shell Candles

Make your white votives more beautiful and interesting with this DIY coastal shell candle tutorial. Shells are a must for your DIY coastal decorations collection!

DIY coastal handmade shell candles via burkatron

DIY Coastal Rope Coasters

Keep the condensation from your beverages from getting on your furniture with these budget-friendly DIY coastal rope coasters for drinks.

DIY Coastal Rope Coasters via picklee

DIY Nautical Braided Doormat

Thi DIY braided doormat takes some skill and practice to get right, but once you do it looks gorgeous! I love the minimalist look of a modern coastal white weave.

DIY nautical braided doormat via martha

DIY Coral Tray

A coastal tray for serving drinks is always handy when you live by the sea! Serve your family and guests a refreshing beverage on this gorgeous DIY coral tray perfect for coastal homes.

DIY Coral Tray coastal Home Decor Ideas via whipperberry

Coral is a really popular coastal decoration motif. By adding one or two coral shells, you can change the look of any room in your home from boring to beautiful. This can add a lot of seaside charm to any home. Not only will it add a lot of color to your home but it will also allow you to decorate using very little money since it is made from natural materials. Since this type of coastal DIY decor idea is not expensive, you can buy it anywhere such as online and at your local dollar store.

DIY Rope Nautical Wreath

This is a beautiful handmade nautical wreath you can make using rope and small coastal motifs.

DIY Rope Nautical Wreath via howtonestforless

Blue Marbled Planter Pots

These blue marbled planter pots keep the sea blue theme of our coastal DIY decorations going strong. You can use them on the front porch or inside your home to keep small plants and succulents.

Blue marbled planter pots DIY Coastal decor via naturalbeachliving

Nautical Wood Art for Beach Homes DIY

This creative piece of seaside art using a seashell and rope is a beautiful way to display some creative art in the home.

Nautical Wood Art for Beach Homes DIY via pumpkinandaprincess

DIY Burlap Life Ring Buoy Wreath

This burlap wreath has been made to look like a floating life ring buoy! It can be hanged on the front door to welcome guests into your beach house.

DIY Burlap Floating Life Ring Buoy Wreath via thecountrychiccottage

DIY Decorative Seashell Bottles

Seashell topped bottle stoppers can be used to stop bottles and make for beautiful decorations! I wonder if these could be used as wine stoppers too?

DIY Decorative Seashell Bottles via craftsbycourtney

DIY Whale Coastal Pallet Art Decor

You can add different coastal motifs to wood pallets to make budget-friendly coastal art pieces like this one to use around the home!

DIY Whale Coastal Pallet Art Decor via foxhollowcottage

DIY Coastal Decor Sea Glass Rope Lantern

This is one of the most classic DIY coastal decorations. Use rope and sea glass to create this beautiful coastal lantern.

DIY Coastal Decor Sea Glass Rope Lantern awonderfulthought

DIY Tropical DIY Aloha Seashell Pineapple Sign

Get a tropical vibe in your home on a budget with this DIY pineapple decoration tutorial.

DIY Tropical DIY Aloha Seashell Pineapple Sign via mypinterventures

DIY Coastal Seafish Wall Art

This is a very creative way to decorate with cane back in a coastal way. I love the rattan look when it comes to DIY coastal decorations!

DIY Coastal Seafish Wall Art via h2o

DIY Nautical Rope Mirror Decor

A nautical rope mirror is a must-have in your beach home. However, these classic rope mirrors can get expensive! Make your own using an old mirror and some spare rope to get the perfect nautical look in your summer house.

DIY Nautical Rope Mirror Decor via thelilypadcottage

DIY Rope Knot Lamp

This nautical rope lamp can be yours with a few handy tricks! Follow the tutorial and get hands-on to make this beautiful coastal lamp that looks straight out of a magazine!

DIY Rope Knot Lamp via downhomeinspiration

DIY Driftwood Seahorse Decor

This beautiful seahorse wall art piece has been made using many different length driftwood sticks!

DIY driftwood seahorse decor via creativeinchicago

If you aren’t in the mood to craft, you can place driftwood accents in your kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and even your bedroom. If you are interested in using it in your home, there are many places that you can start. For example, you can choose to make a beautiful centerpiece out of driftwood and display it on the mantel or in any other area of your home.

You can also choose to buy a small piece of driftwood and have it decorate a particular space of your home. You need to know how to take care of this type of wood to ensure that it will continue to look its best for years to come.

DIY DIY Sea Glass Bottles

Finding the perfect sea glass bottle can be tough so why not make them yourself? These hazy blue bottles in different shades of sea and sky blue are the perfect DIY coastal decorations for your home!

DIY DIY Sea Glass Bottles via ablissfulnest

DIY Reclaimed Wood Whale Coastal Art

I will teach you how to make a beautiful whale wall sculpture out of reclaimed wood. It’s the perfect decoration to hang above your fireplace or on the wall above your bed.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Whale Coastal Art via FindingHomefarms

DIY Driftwood Sailboat Decor

I love this modern minimalist sailboat decoration crafted from a piece of driftwood and spare cloths.

DIY Driftwood Sailboat Decor via housefulofhandmade

DIY Beach Seashell Wreath Craft

This small and simple beach seashell wreath craft is great for decorating a small corner or tabletop in your home.

DIY Beach Seashell Wreath Craft

Modern Seashell Door Hanging Craft

Decorate an interior door of your beach home by hanging this seashell craft for all to admire.

Modern Seashell Door Hanging Craft DIY

DIY Round Jute Rug

If you have a small coastal entryway, this round jute rug is for you.

DIY Round Jute rug Coastal Decor via 204park

DIY Coastal Shell Wall Decoration

Another great coastal DIY wall decoration idea for decorating the walls of a coastal home!

DIY Coastal Shell Wall Decoration

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