Buying Bar Stools for Your Home Bar

If you have a counter-height area of your kitchen or a dedicated home bar space, then you may be searching for bar stools to sit on as you sip your drinks or eat a meal. Today we’re going to share with you everything to know as you go about searching for the perfect bar stools for your home.

Bars and high kitchen counters can serve many purposes. They are great for serving breakfast in the morning when you don’t want to use your formal dining room. They are also practical for welcoming guests in your home with snacks, appetizers, and drinks while you cook dinner. The bar lets them be present in the room so you can chat, without getting in the way of your meal preparation! Some people like to have their kids do homework at the kitchen counter while they cook, and others like to use it for casual reading.

Whatever your needs may be, having comfortable, proper seating for this area of your home is a must. Be sure to consider your purpose for this space before selecting a bar stool for your home! You may end up realizing that a counter chair is the best choice for your space. Keep reading for differences between the two, which we’ll go over shortly!

What are Bar Stools?

Bar stools are raised stools that do not have a back. They are most often round in shape and offer three or four legs for stability. They are different from counter chairs because they don’t offer back support, even though they serve the same purpose and will often have similar measurements.

Difference Between Bar Stools vs. Counter Chairs

You may have trouble deciding between bar stools vs. counter chairs when you consider the seating needs of your home bar or kitchen. The main difference is that counter chairs will offer back support, while bar stools are easier to get on and off of. You might not need to slide out bar stools since they don’t have anything obstructing their seats. This will prevent scratches on your floor in the long run. On the other hand, counter chairs are better for long sitting sessions like chatting with guests or eating a full meal at the counter.

Depending on your needs, there are pros and cons to each choice kind of seat!

Types of Bar Stools

Here are the major types of bar stools to consider as you decide which one would be best for your home.

By Style

You can find bar stools in just about any style you prefer. Here are a few popular ideas.

  • Modern Bar Stools – Sleek and minimalist in design, these kinds of stools work best in a contemporary home.
  • Cottage Bar Stools – For a family-friendly home, go for cottage style bar stools with a Farmhouse design.
  • Scandinavian Bar Stools – For an updated look that’s high on practicality, go with a Scandinavian design bar stool.

Here are a few examples:


By Base

  • Fixed – With four legs sitting solidly on the ground, a fixed base bar stool is the most popular choice that works in all homes.
  • Swivel – Some bar stools feature rotating bases so you can swivel them around.

Below, find a few highly rated examples of these bases.



  • Wood – Wood is the most common material used to construct bar stool frames. This sturdy material is reliable and durable.
  • Metal – If you’re going for a certain look, then metal could be your material of choice. Metal is used to make tolix bar stools for example.
  • Plastic – The benefit to using plastic bar stools is that they are lightweight and easy to move around. The downside is that they may topple over a little easier! Clear acrylic bar stools are a popular choice.



There are a few different seats you can choose from when it comes to bar stools.

  • Cushioned – From leather to upholstery, having a cushion to sit on is always a welcomed design.
  • Hard Surface – Metal and wood bar stools generally feature seats made of a hard surface.
  • Wicker – Lastly, some seats are made of woven wicker, giving them a coastal, outdoor vibe.


By Height

Seats that will be placed at a countertop require extra consideration regarding their height. Bar stools come in various heights depending on your family’s needs.

  • Short – 16″ to 23″
  • Counter – 24″ to 27″
  • Bar – 28″ to 33″
  • Tall – 34″ to 40″

The last three heights will often feature foot rests as they are too high for people sitting in them to rest their feet on the floor.

Be sure to measure your counter height before buying bar stools. A good rule of thumb is that there should be around 10 or more inches of space between the seat and the counter.

How to Choose the Right Stools for Your Home

Choosing the right bar stool for your home will depend on all of the above factors. Don’t rush your decision making process and be sure to reflect on your choice before pulling the trigger on a stool! Your budget, taste, and needs will all play a role in deciding which bar stool will be perfect for your kitchen or bar.

Tips for Buying Bar Stools for Your Home Bar or Kitchen

How Much Do Bar Stools Cost?

Thanks to retailers like Wayfair and Walmart, you can find bar stools at extremely affordable prices. It all depends on how much you’re willing to invest in a bar stool. Furniture made for natural, high quality materials will be costlier but they will last longer. Cheaper furniture is generally poorly made and so it probably won’t last longer than a few years unless you get really lucky.

Bar stools are often sold in multiples as few buyers are looking for just one stool. This means you’ll pay a slightly lower price, even though shipping will be more to ship multiple pieces of furniture. Unassembled stools can be packed more tightly so you’ll pay less.

I hope this article helped assist you in make the right decision for this key piece of kitchen furniture. Our buying guides are written to help you as you go about curating the home of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We love hearing from our readers.

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