21 Rattan Bar Stools & Counter Chairs

Rattan bar stools are one of the best ways to revamp an area and effectively tie the room together. They are great for bringing your bar or countertop to life and have many stylistic options to keep things fresh and interesting. If you’ve never bought bar stools before, read our bar stool buying guide to know what to look for.

Bar stools made of rattan are a perfect addition to any tropical escape home. They will enliven the atmosphere giving you a sense of tropical design continuity along with providing a comfortable place to sit in the kitchen.

You can decorate these stools any way you like. There are multiple possibilities to consider like getting matching colors and revamping them. These are highly adaptable to any living space, but they tend to fit within a particular island theme the best.

Rattan Bar Stools

Rattan and wicker bar stools make an excellent addition to the kitchen. Multiple modern options can fit your style. Rattan bar stools are versatile and fit well indoors, outdoors, or in the basement bar!

A Perfect Choice for Tropical or Coastal Kitchens

These beautiful rattan bar stools fit the best in tropical and coastal homes with a passion for the ocean. They bring any space together and offer an inviting spot to unwind. If you have an island bar in your home where a lot of dinner and lunch action occurs then these stools are an excellent way to bring a tropical relaxing vibe to your kitchen.

Rattan bar stools - Kara Hebert Interiors
Kara Hebert Interiors

Natural Materials are Durable

Rattan bar stools are made of natural materials that will last longer – good news for your budget! They will look especially nice with matching natural cabinets and an organic, neutral environment. These materials are made to last so you won’t have to worry about mishaps. They are strong and resilient to body weight for the long term. Bar stools are sold in different heights to easily access food and beverages while engaging with others.

Versatile Styles

The versatility of rattan bar stools cannot be stressed enough. There are multiple styles with different heights to reach any given countertop. Rattan swivel stools can be a fun addition to any seating arrangement and give more freedom. Rattan counter chairs will provide ample back support when dining at the kitchen counter bar.

No matter what the style, the comfort level is always superb with these stools and that’s an important element. You want them to facilitate longer conversations and function properly too. You can adapt these chairs to any room with the right artistic eye. They look fantastic in a tropical-themed home but certain styles can have a more standard home appeal.

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