12 Best Black Marble Coffee Tables

A black marble coffee table is a dramatic choice for the living room. Black is a color that stands out, especially when it is placed against a white or lighter background. Black marble coffee tables are sleek, elegant furniture choices. They make a bold statement in the living room. I love how they look with gold hairpin legs, but they can also be stunning with silver chrome legs.

The coffee table is a key decision in your living room design. It’s a central piece of furniture that most people will notice straight away. You’ll also use it for holding your coffee, your books, flower vases, and any other personal effects. It’s a great place to show off your personality and display the items you hold dear.

Black Marble Coffee Tables

Here are a few coffee tables with beautiful black marble tops to inspire you!


Here are a few black marble coffee tables in living rooms to inspire you.

This first coffee table has beveled edges and brassy gold legs. It sits on a faux fur area rug in front of a modern beige sofa. This shows the importance of balancing out the dark furniture with lighter decorative elements!

Here is a rectangular black marble coffee table with black legs. It’s very simple and functional. It doesn’t stand out too much, and again it’s against a beige rug and light beige sofa. Balance out the dark with light! The red tulips in a glass vase on the table are a nice touch, too.

More Coffee Table Ideas

Marble coffee tables are a great investment as they are very on-trend while at the same time, they are made of a classic, durable stone that has been popular for centuries. Here are a few more various coffee table ideas for your home:

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