7 Stylish Coffee Table Alternatives to Consider If You Don’t Have One

I came across a beautiful living room that uses a bench as a coffee table and thought, wow how creative! Lots of people don’t own a coffee table so I thought I’d put together a list of coffee table alternatives.

While a traditional coffee table is a staple piece of living room furniture, some are looking for more unique, multifunctional, and space-saving alternatives. Whether you’re working with a small living area or prefer a minimalist aesthetic numerous unconventional options can serve the same purpose as a standard coffee table.

Coffee table alternatives Bench nathanhaaren

Here are some popular alternatives to traditional coffee tables that can work well in living rooms:

Ottoman/Poufs: Oversized, upholstered ottomans or poufs can serve as coffee tables while also providing extra seating when needed. They come in various shapes, sizes, and fabrics.

Trunks: Vintage trunks or modern trunk-style tables add character and storage space to a living room.

Nesting Tables: A set of nesting tables allows you to use just one or spread them out when you need more surface area.

Tray Tables: Individual tray tables can be moved around as needed and stacked or stored away when not in use.

Crates/Baskets: Wooden crates or oversized baskets can be repurposed as rustic, bohemian-style coffee tables.

Stools: A cluster of small stools or upholstered cubes can function as a coffee table while allowing flexibility.

Bench: A long, low bench can serve as both a coffee table and extra seating.

From repurposed vintage trunks and oversized ottomans to clusters of stools and rustic wooden crates, the choices for inventive coffee table substitutes are vast.

Not only can these pieces add character and visual interest to your living space, but many also provide useful extras like hidden storage compartments or the ability to rearrange them as needed. With the right alternative coffee table solution, you can craft a living room that is stylish and functional for your needs!

The key is choosing something that fits your living room’s style, provides surface space for drinks/remotes, and complements your seating arrangement.


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