10 Best World Map Wall Murals for the Home

You’ve got to love a bold and brazen design choice like plastering a world map on your entire wall and then putting a bright purple dining table right in front! This dining room with a world map mural is every bit playful and lively. The bright and colorful world map wall mural and retro wooden chairs give the room a schoolhouse vibe, and the mid-century sideboard adds to the vintage flair. Using a wall map is certainly a great wallpaper alternative!

Would you put a world map wall mural in your home? I personally love this look so I was curious where these types of wall map murals could be found online. After some digging, I came across several wall maps that had good reviews. Here are the best places to buy these cool peel-and-stick map murals for your home!

World map wall murals are great decorating choices for colorful homes and kids’ playrooms. You can teach your kids about the world or celebrate all the destinations you’ve visited over the years.

Some world wall maps put north and south America at the map’s focus (as opposed to left as most maps do). They often come comes in a vibrant blue ocean color and deep green and browns for land. Some are extra fun and colorful with certain countries colored in purple, blue, pink, and orange. Others are vintage-style antique maps that have a very warm brown earthy tone. This style would be great for adding some understated decor to a neutral-clad room.

Although a bit pricier than the other maps, vintage maps are absolutely gorgeous and my personal favorite! If you want a retro-style map, you’ll need to dig around.

Most maps feature earthy green tones on land and a soft baby blue for water. These standard maps are gorgeous for a child’s space or a pastel/white-based room.

Have you decorated with a world wall map mural before?

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