Decorating with Wood & Marble Chain Link Accents

Adding charm and texture to a room can be as simple as incorporating an unexpected accent. One such piece that is earthy yet elegant is a wood marble chain link sculpture. In recent years, using sections of linked wood marble “chains” has become a popular decorative accent, breathing new life into everything from tablescapes to coffee tables.

I’ll explain what exactly a wood marble chain link is and where to find it. I’ll then provide examples on where to buy these sculptural accents and how to incorporate them seamlessly into your home’s decor using creative styling and pairings with other textures and materials. From draping it across coffee tables to forming vignettes, a wood marble chain link can lend a modern yet natural vibe. Its irregular, organic shapes are endlessly interesting to the eye.

Read on for ways to use this unique material to decorate and elevate any space! Let me show you how easy it is to work some woodsy magic.

Wood marble chain links manor_designs

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