17 Scandinavian Dining Tables with Hygge Style

Scandinavian dining tables are the perfect addition to any minimalist dining room. Since the dining table is often the largest piece of furniture in any dining room, it’s important to pay special attention to this key piece. Think about your needs for a dining room table – it could go beyond just eating! Do you need to work there? Complete projects? All of this should be considered before purchasing a table. If you’re looking for a mix of style and function, then Scandi style dining tables will suit you well! Scandinavian decor is well-known for its practicality and beautiful design.

Scandinavian Dining Tables

There are many types of dining tables available for you to purchase. So what exactly constitutes a Scandinavian dining table? Well, for starters, this kind of table is minimal in design. It is often made of 100% wood and finished in a light beige color, but there are a few varieties in other neutral colors like black, dark brown, and white. You can find expandable Scandi dining tables, round dining tables, and the traditional rectangular dining tables. One thing is for sure: function comes before form. Let’s share some of our favorites!


I love this slick black dining table with neutral wishbone chairs around it! It contrasts perfectly with the beige wood floors and white walls of this nordic apartment. Black is a bold choice, but as you can see, you can lighten the vignette up by adding white accents and patterned plates.

More Scandinavian Decor Ideas

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I hope this post inspired you to find the best nordic dining table of your dreams!


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