12 Fabulous Red Sofas for Your Living Room

Are you thinking about buying a red sofa for the living room? Red sofas are a great way to add charm and elegance to your living space. Personally, I prefer a darker shade of red, but there are some beautiful cherry red sofa ideas included in this article as well.

Red Sofa Scandinavian Living Room via Alvhem Brokerage & Interior
Alvhem Brokerage & Interior

Best Red Sofas

First, check out the most beautiful red sofas you can buy online.

How to Style a Red Sofa in the Living Room

There’s no doubt that the sofa is often the focal point of a living room design. If you decide to buy a red couch, then be sure to get the other colors in the room right as this is a bold design decision. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to decorate the room around your red sofa or couch.

I associate red tufted sofas with traditional living room designs. This is a great example of using two bold colors correctly. The only thing I would change is the floral chair which doesn’t look right in my opinion.

Rose Red Tufted Sofa With Dark Blue Walls And Floral Chair By Katie Ridder
Katie Ridder

Here’s another example of a slightly more modern look in a living room rooted in tradition. The red is toned down, but still stands out against the gray-blue walls and honey wood flooring.

Red Sofa Ideas Herringbone Wood Flooring Gallery Wall via West Elm


What Does a Red Sofa Symbolize?

A red sofa doesn’t have a universally accepted symbolism. In some contexts, the color red might be associated with passion, energy, or excitement, so a red sofa could evoke those feelings in a room’s decor. However, interpretations can vary widely depending on culture!

What wall colors go with a Red Sofa?

A red sofa can pair well with various wall colors depending on the desired ambiance. Neutral tones like white, beige, or gray often complement a red sofa by allowing it to stand out as a focal point.

Dark Red Sofa Traditional Living Room by Christopher Maya
Christopher Maya / House Beautiful

For a more harmonious look, earthy tones like brown or taupe can be used. If you wish to create a more daring and vibrant look, contrasting colors like teal or deep blue may be right.

Matching the wall color with the specific shade of red on your sofa and the overall design theme of the room will lead to the best results!

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