30 Kitchen Essentials You Need for Your First Kitchen

If this is your first time owning a kitchen for yourself, you may feel overwhelmed at all the different kitchen products you’ll need for your home! The last thing you want is to begin preparing for a meal, only to realize you’re missing a measuring cup or the proper serving dish. Luckily we created a quick guide to the kitchen essentials you’ll need if you’re a first-time home owner or renter.

Kitchen Essentials

These items will help prepare you for cooking basic meals in the kitchen. They should serve all your basic kitchen needs!

Cooking Essentials

Stove & Oven Essentials

The super versatile Always Pan is a cult favorite right now.

Oven Mitt

Oven Mitt

Kitchen Electronics

Here are the basic kitchen electronics and appliances you need for your kitchen area!

If you prefer, you can also purchase a hot water boiler or electric kettle for faster water heating!

Eating & Serving Essentials

Here are the basic eating and serving essentials.

Cleaning Essentials

Here are the kitchen cleaning essentials and must-haves.

Now, this is by no means a comprehensive list of every kitchen product you might need, especially if you intend to do a lot of baking or specialty cooking! Check out our kitchen capsule if you only want the bare minimum.

What other essential kitchen products do you need in your kitchen?

30 Kitchen Essentials
Kitchen essentials
Kitchen Products
30 Kitchen Essentials
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  1. I adored this list of kitchen necessities!Finding out what you really need might be fairly overwhelming, but this list brilliantly simplifies it down. Everything is covered in this article, from the fundamentals like knives, chopping boards, and pots to the more specialised gear like a blender and a food processor.Thank you for providing these insightful tips and helping to make the difficult work of establishing a first kitchen feel much more achievable!

  2. How about a toaster oven instead of the toaster? Dual purpose – toasts bread but also broils and bakes things for small meals, adding some versatility to this first kitchen. A person setting up a small kitchen is likely to have a small budget and a small/no family so a regular oven isn’t needed – just an (induction) two burner cooktop plus the toaster oven.

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