23 Amazing Industrial Dressers for Your Bedroom

Industrial style is still going strong in home decor, and one of the best ways to bring that urban loft vibe into your bedroom is with an industrial dresser.

Industrial decor is known for its raw look and versatile appeal. You can use this type of furniture and decor in Farmhouse homes, Scandinavian homes, and many other types of decorative home styles.

The clean lines and visible hardware of industrial style dressers add an edgy, modern touch that pairs perfectly with other industrial elements as well as more traditional pieces. Industrial dressers come in raw materials like wood, metal, and concrete to fit any aesthetic.

We’re spotlighting some of our favorite industrial dressers that will add major style to your bedroom today. From solid wood to metal and concrete, we’ve rounded up cool options to suit any budget and design scheme. Keep reading for our top picks for amazing industrial dressers that will become a striking focal point in your bedroom!

Best Industrial Dressers

When it comes to industrial dressers, it’s all about wood and metal furniture design. Check out the best industrial style dressers you can buy online below!

Industrial furniture has a very distinctive design. Here are some examples of what industrial style dressers typically look like:

  • Made from bare materials like solid wood, iron, steel, concrete. Distressed finishes are common.
  • Exposed hardware like bolts, brackets, hinges. May also include sliding drawers.
  • Straight, simple lines and a minimalist, no-frills design aesthetic. Lack of ornamentation.
  • Black, white, gray, natural wood tones are common color schemes.
  • Metal frameworks, pipes, and accents paired with wood or concrete.
  • Shelving and storage made from pipes or galvanized metal.
  • Wire mesh or chicken wire accents.
  • Repurposed elements like old factory carts or machine parts used as drawer pulls.
  • Worn and weathered look showing natural cracks, scrapes, and imperfections.
  • Industrial lighting fixtures like cage lamps or Edison bulbs.
  • Mid-century modern style is often blended with industrial elements.

Expect an edgy, sleek, no-nonsense look emphasizing function and unfinished, organic textures when shopping for industrial style dressers. They make a bold statement!

If you prefer to save money, why not follow this awesome tutorial for creating your own DIY industrial style dresser?

Decorating an Industrial Dresser

We love dressers in bedrooms and elsewhere in the home for when you need more storage space. Dressers are a great way to keep things handy you might need, but out of sight.

Here are some tips for styling an industrial dresser in your bedroom:

  • Let the dresser be the focal point. Industrial dressers have a sculptural, artistic look. Avoid cluttering the top and let the piece stand out.
  • Add weathered elements. Aged leather handles, a vintage-inspired alarm clock, and a rustic woven basket all complement an industrial dresser.
  • Incorporate natural textures. Wood crates for storage, woven pendant lights, and jute rugs create an earthy feel.
  • Use neutral colors. Stick to black, white, gray, tan, or wood tones. Pops of color can come from bedding and artwork.
  • Show off the distressing. Don’t be afraid to let nicks, scratches, and other imperfections show. Rough edges suit the industrial look.
  • Add an industrial mirror or artwork above the dresser to balance the look. Black and white photography works well.
  • Store items creatively. Try apothecary jars, wire baskets, or metal tins to corral small items. Labeled metal buckets add industrial flair.
  • Layer in some greenery. A succulent, air plant, or eucalyptus sprig brings life to the structured metal and wood.
  • Use an unexpected dresser runner. Try a Persian rug remnant or piece of leather instead of traditional cloth.
  • Incorporate black metal accents. Drawer pulls, table lamps, or candle holders continue the aesthetic.

Keep it simple and let the sculptural nature of the industrial dresser shine through!

If you are curating the industrial chic look in your home, we’d love to help guide you with our furniture and decor recommendations! Please continue reading the related articles below for helpful tips on how to get the industrial decor look in every room of your home.

Let us know in the comments which industrial dresser is your favorite!


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