21 Perfectly Feminine Desks for an Elegant Home Office

With more and more women working from home, many are searching for beautiful feminine desks to add to their office space. Whether you have a dedicated room to use as a home office or you just need a desk to place against a wall or in a corner, we can help you out with finding the perfect girly desk for your home.

We love feminine decor that is subtly feminine with lots of elegance and charm. Feminine furniture doesn’t have to be pink or childish – it can be mature, beautiful, and understated.

Feminine Desks

Let’s take a look at some beautiful feminine style desks on the market. From metal to glass to wood, there are different materials and finishes you can choose from to get the perfect desk for your home. As far as colors go, you could go with a metallic finish or a lacquer white for example to get that feminine fresh look. Here are our best ideas!


I love this white lacquer desk with gold legs via @fancythingsblog! It has ample storage of three sliding drawers to hide away the clutter of office supplies like scissors, tape, glue, markers, and pens. On top, a large computer screen takes up about half the width of the table so it feels nice and roomy. Various papers and notebooks are cleanly organized on the desktop.

The swivel office chair has a pretty gold base and a throw blanket for warmth. The gallery wall behind the desk is inspiring, feminine, and very chic! This is an overall well-designed feminine home office if you ask me!

I hope this post helped you find the perfect feminine desk for your feminine home office space! Staying motivated is always difficult, but our belief is that the right desk will keep you on track to accomplish all your goals. Don’t be afraid to test out different desks before making a purchase. Of course, our number one tip is to measure your space thoroughly before buying! The last thing you want is a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t fit right in your space.

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Happy curating!


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