10 Types of Home Office Desks to Work from Home

Working from home has become more popular than ever before. With many companies adopting flexible work policies, employees can often choose whether to work remotely or head into a traditional office setting.

If you’ve decided to set up a home office, one of the most important pieces of furniture to consider is your desk. The right desk can provide you with comfort, functionality, and style as you tackle your daily work. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular types of home office desks to help you make the best choice for your workspace.

From simple kitchen table conversions to more complex standing and adjustable options, there are a variety of desk styles suitable for different home office needs and preferences. Read on for an overview of desk types, complete with pros, cons, and decor inspiration to help you create a home office you’ll love working in.

The right office desk will help you be more productive and better organized at home.

Choosing a Home Office Desk

The first thing to consider is what the purpose of your desk will be. Is it for writing, using a laptop, using a computer monitor, organizing files, or other purposes? Do you work from home full-time or will the desk only be used occasionally?

The purpose of your home office working space will determine the size and storage needs of your desk.

Next up, you need to decide where your desk will be located. Do you have a dedicated home office? Do you plan to put a desk in your bedroom? What about in the kitchen? There are many different places you can put an office desk, so be sure to measure the space available before purchasing your desk so you know what you have to work with.

Depending on your needs, you may wish to consider the following office desk storage options for your setup:

  • Drawers: Drawers can be found on office desks either beneath or to the sides.
  • Hutch: Some desks feature upper storage above the main surface level of the desk.
  • Slide-out Keyboard Drawer: Desks specifically made for computer use may feature a lower slide-out drawer to hold a keyboard.

Of course, many other separate products are available to purchase if you need more storage for your desk.

Home Office Desk via @theheartandhaven

Home Office Desk Types

Here are the main types of office desks you will find online.

Executive Desks

Executive Desk

The executive desk is the biggest desk available with ample storage options. It’s large enough for working on complicated tasks where you need to store lots of tools and paperwork. It’s the perfect everyday home office desk you can rely on. Executive desks often have a large rectangular working surface. Underneath, there is plenty of room to sit and on either side, you’ll find several drawers and cabinets for storage.

Check out this list of the best extra large home office desks if you’re designing a particularly large home office space.

Writing Desks

Writing Desk

Writing desks are the most common standard home office desk. They tend to be on the smaller side. They are meant for light use, hence the name “writing.” They are typically made of a thin rectangular writing surface and four legs, with open space beneath. Sometimes a small drawer is found beneath the writing surface for storing pens and notepads.

Shell Desks

Shell Desk

Shell desks are simple, three-sided desks with little to no storage underneath. They are typically rectangular shaped and offer plenty of open space beneath the surface.

Secretary Desks

Secretary Desk

Secretary desks are a vintage piece of furniture, that has since been redesigned and developed for modern appeal. Secretary desks have an upper board that folds down to form a writing surface. It typically hides little cubbies and drawers where small objects can be stored. When the surface is no longer needed, it folds back up for storage.

Leaning/Ladder Desks

Leaning Desk

Leaning desks, or ladder desks, are vertically oriented desks that offer multiple levels of storage. They resemble a ladder leaning against the wall, hence their name.


L-Shaped Desk

Corner desks, or L-shaped desks, are great for large offices or just somewhere you want to have extra work space. This a heavy-duty work desk that is meant for professionals. Of course, you can also find small corner desks that are shaped like triangles and meant for small workspaces.

Foldable Desks

Foldable Desk

Foldable desks are great for temporary desk needs or desks that need to be moved around often. Foldable desks have a surface that can easily fold down into a thin piece. They can be stored more easily inside a closet.

Floating Desks

Floating Desks

Floating desks are installed directly onto the wall. They have no legs, so it is not wise to store heavy objects on them. Some of them fold down, while others are permanently mounted so they stick out all the time. They are space-saving options for minimalist or very small rooms and apartments.

Height Adjustable

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Height adjustable desks are becoming more popular as people realize that they are too tall for their desk or they prefer to work standing up! Height adjustable desks mean you can raise or lower a desktop to suit your needs. The best thing is that they can be used while sitting down or standing up.


Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage for people who work from home. Sitting isn’t the healthiest thing to do all day, so standing desks provide a way for you to work while standing. They are great for at-home workers or people who want to stay healthy while working at a desk.

Choosing the right home office desk involves considering your space, work style, and design aesthetic. With so many desk options available, take the time to evaluate your needs and preferences to create a functional and inspiring workspace that enhances your productivity and brings you joy!



  1. I was thinking about buying a desk for my small home office. This blog has actually been a blessing in disguise for me. Thank you for creating such an amazing piece of content.

  2. As I started working from home a lot of health issues can be addresed when you use a adjustable-standing desk from your home based work to office. It Improves posture and lessens back pains from stressful work. But this article may just give you what you need. Nice job

  3. Thank you for pointing out that you should make sure to measure the area available before buying your desk so you know how much space you have. My husband is opening a home office. I will advise him to have the space measured before ordering custom-made workspace desks.

  4. Thank you for explaining about corner desks. My husband has been wondering how to maximize space in his office building for his workers. I’ll have to share this with him and see if this could help him to utilize more space.

    1. Hello! I recommend sending a direct message to @desertdecor on Instagram to inquire about where the desk was purchased!

  5. Thanks so much for talking about the different types of desks you can have for an office. I have a friend who wants to add a home office to her house and she’s been wanting to get some office furniture for it. We’ll have to look into finding a place that sells stuff like that so she can look at her options.

  6. I just read your informative article on the different types of desks, and it’s an excellent guide for anyone in the market for a new workspace. The detailed descriptions of various desk types, from standing desks to corner desks, provide a comprehensive overview of the options available. Your explanation of the features, benefits, and ideal use cases for each type is very helpful in making an informed choice. I particularly liked how you’ve highlighted the importance of ergonomic considerations, which is crucial for anyone who spends extended hours at their desk. This article is a valuable resource for individuals looking to find the perfect desk to meet their specific needs and preferences. Thanks for sharing this informative content!

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