20 Best Fall Scented Candles

Fall is definitely my, and many others, favorite season of the year. Temperatures start to drop, leaves start to fall, and the air feels more clean and crisp. If you love fall decorating as much as I do, then you will love this post about the best fall scented candles you can shop online. Scent is very strongly associated with memory, so these candles will bring back your best moments from September, October, and November of the past.

I just love the aroma of fall when I walk into the room where a fall smelling candle has been lit. It’s a little pleasure that brings me so much happiness. You can find many different scents to bring the autumn season into your home. Here are my top recommendations!

Fall Scented Candles


If you’re browsing in store, here are the most popular fall scents to keep your eye out for:

Pumpkin Spice: This is a very classic autumnal candle scent. Pumpkin spice candles smell like a dash of fall spices in a freshly baked pumpkin pie. From pumpkin harvesting to pumpkin pies, there’s lots of pumpkin candles for fall to choose from!

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a spice cultivated from the inner bark of trees. It is commonly associated with fall and winter scents! You can find amazing cinnamon candles this autumn.

Mulled Apple Cider: This favorite fall hot drink is often topped with yummy spices that will create a heavenly autumn aroma in your home.

Teak: Teak candles will give a woodsy and rustic feel to your home, just like you’re spending fall in a cabin in the woods! Teak candles are crisp and outdoorsy.

Cedar: Another rustic fragrance perfect for fall, a cedar candle will have your home smelling like fresh forest air!

Amber: This woody scent is reminiscent of freshly chopped bark for the fireplace. It creates a warm and elegant aroma in your home. It’s a velvety candle that won’t be too overly autumnal and will carry on well throughout winter! We really love this specific one from Diptyque. One reviewer notes, “Fall scent that is not pumpkins and spice.”

Fall Scented Candles from Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find fall candles that ship quickly. Here are a few highly rated candles and a few new picks we think would be interesting for your home. Some of these candles can get to your home in as little as 2 days!

I hope you found the perfect fall scent for your home after reading this article. Do you have any more favorite fall candles or scents to suggest to our readers? Leave them in the comments below.

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Best Fall Scented Candles

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We wish you a wonderful autumn season!


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