11 Brilliant Fall Bathroom Decor Ideas

These fall bathroom decor ideas might surprise you. Even though the bathroom isn’t the first place we think of when decorating our homes for fall, don’t overlook this small space. Having a bit of fall cheer in the bathroom is unexpected and can brighten up even the dullest of fall days.

Fall Bathroom Decor

Let’s take a look at some creative fall bathroom decorating ideas you can steal this autumn.

Fall Foliage in Bathtub

Fill your bathtub with fall foliage from outdoors to create the perfect autumn haven to escape to!

Fall foliage in the bathtub fall bathroom decor ideas marigladkaya

Fall Garland on Window Curtain Rod

Wrap a DIY fall garland around your window curtain rod to celebrate the autumn season.

Fall garland on window fall bathroom decor ideas thetinydreamhome

Autumn Branches in Vase

Take some autumn branches from outside and stick them in a glass vase to decorate one corner of your bathroom.

Autumn Branches in Vase fall bathroom decor ideas formulary55

Burgundy Eucalyptus

A few stems of burgundy eucalyptus can be a great way to decorate the bathroom.

Burgundy Eucalyptus decor in wood vase fall bathroom decor ideas building.delight

Autumn Wreath

An autumn wreath can be used on the wall of your bathroom.

Autumn Wreath fall bathroom decor ideas southernfarmhousemama

Cozy Throw Blanket

If you like to take baths, have a cozy throw blanket nearby to wrap yourself in after you towel off.

Cozy throw blanket fall bathroom decor ideas heartofwendy

String Lights on Bath Caddy

I love this fall bathtub escape decor! Autumn leaves are strewn around the edge of the bathtub, numerous fall-scented candles rest on the corners, and string lights are draped across the bath caddy. I would love to spend my autumn evenings here!

String Lights on the Bath Caddy tray fall bathroom decor ideas gembeauties

Fall Scented Candles

Fall scented candles will create an aura of autumn in your bathroom. Let’s be honest, you need a candle in there anyway, so you might as well go with a fall-scented one! 

Fall candle bathroom decor ideas creatingahumblehome

Orange Bath Towels

Fall-colored bath and hand towels are a great way to refresh your bathroom for autumn.

Fall orange bath towels bathroom decor ashtonsedita

Fall Bath Mat

Don’t overlook the bath mat when it comes to fall bathroom decor. 

Pumpkin Bath Mat fall bathroom decor ideas housetohomediydesign

Pumpkin Shower Curtain

You can make a big fall splash in the bathroom with a pumpkin shower curtain like this. Hang a wood fall sign on the wall like this Pumpkin Patch one for good measure, too!

Pumpkin Shower Curtain fall bathroom decor ideas princess77482

More Fall Decor Ideas

I hope you got inspired by these fall bathroom decorating ideas. Keep reading about how to decorate for fall with these related ideas:


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