21 Coastal Sofas for Your Beach Home

Coastal sofas come in many different materials, shapes, and sizes. From rattan to wicker to wood, there are so many different options when it comes to choosing the right sofa for your beach home. Certain materials have a nautical vibe to them, while others can give a tropical feel to your living room. It all depends on your taste, style, and budget.


Below we’ve rounded up 21 different coastal sofas for you to browse, broken down into 7 different sofa categories. These are the types of sofas we see most often in coastal living rooms or beach home family rooms.

We’re sure you will find the perfect beachy sofa for your beach home design!

Coastal Sofas

Let’s explore the different types of seaside sofas available! Linen is a popular upholstery for coastal style sofas.

White Slipcovered Sofa

A white slipcovered sofa is a classic sofa that works well in a coastal living room. The white sofa can function as a blank canvas to decorate with lots of pretty seaside colors all around it. You could opt for sea green pillows and a sea blue rug for example. There are endless possibilities when it comes to white sofas. The slipcover can be easily removed and thrown in the washing machine when it gets dirty, too, making this a practical choice for those who want a lighter color sofa in their living room.



Baby Blue Sofa

If you prefer to have a little color on your sofa, then why not try a baby blue coastal sofa? The soft hue will give you just the right amount of seaside vibes to brighten your space. A light blue sofa works great in homes with white walls.


Blue and White Striped Sofa

I just love the Nantucket feel of a blue-and-white striped sofa. Whether you go with thick beachy stripes or thin sophisticated stripes, there’s a sofa for everyone. This kind of sofa obviously makes quite a statement, so it’s best for otherwise subtle rooms that don’t have many distracting elements.



Rattan Sofa

Rattan is a timeless coastal material, so it’s no wonder that many coastal sofas can be found that are made of rattan. These sofas will instantly give your room a tropical vibe. They work best in southern seaside climates and tropical summer homes.


White Wicker Sofas

White wicker is a classic material for a sofa. Wicker is often used in coastal home decor for outside furniture, but you can also use it for an indoor sofa, too! White wicker is often found in the northeast United States seaside homes, but you can also find it inside the homes of coastal communities in the south, as well. You can opt for a blue cushion to give this sofa a colorful punch.



Brown Wicker Sofas

Brown wicker is much more common when looking at coastal sofas. Beige or brown wicker instantly gives warmth to a living room. It creates a cozy and relaxing environment for spending time and chilling! This kind of sofa works great outdoors, too!


Beige Striped Sofas

Lastly, I love the look of a beige striped sofa and I think this type of sofa works best in a sophisticated, upscale coastal home environment. There’s something refined about a beige striped sofa because it’s a toned-down version of a nautical element (stripes). I would choose this type of sofa for an upscale seaside community home.


As you can see, coastal sofas are the main focus of a beach home living room. You want to make sure you pick the perfect coastal style sofa for your summer home so that everyone is comfortable after a long day at the beach. Your perfect coastal sofa could perhaps be made of an airy wicker frame or calming neutral rattan. There are several options for a beach home sofa.

I hope these seven types of sofas helped you narrow down your choice when it comes to picking the perfect coastal couch for your beach home! If you have a large space to work with your you have a large family, these coastal sectionals are probably right for you.

Let us know which one you chose for your home in the comments below.


Happy curating!

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