10 Best Nautical Sofas

If you’re obsessed with anything that has to do with the ocean, sailing, and ships, you will find the nautical decorating style appealing. However, sometimes you don’t know where to find the best nautical furniture for your space, which can be frustrating. Luckily there are quite a few coastal furniture retailers that sell beautiful sofas for nautical homes. One of these nautical sofas will surely work wonders in your space!

Navy Nautical Sofas via HouseBeautiful

I love this navy blue sofa on top of a blue striped rug. Get even more inspired by these nautical living room decor ideas!

Best Nautical Sofas

Here is a selection of the best nautical sofas for your seaside living room. There are several types of
nautical fabric sofas to choose from!

Your living room is where you and your family spend a lot of time. Having a pair of navy blue nautical sofas in the design is the best way to give it a happy feel. Think of it as a way of taking yourself on a seaside vacation, without leaving your home. You can pair your navy blue sofa with a quality accent piece such as a deck-styled chair for a more thrilling appearance.

You can add poufs, some nautical pillows, and sailboat replicas with a navy design to splash some maritime color into your space. The secret is getting as creative as you can while remaining within the theme.

Light Blue Nautical Sofas Decor

If a navy blue look is not your preference you can still create a free visit to the beach by adding light blue nautical sofas to your home. This will be enough to create a calming coastal feel to remind you of your sunny days by the sea. A dreamy theme with some soft furnishings is a sure way of achieving striking coastal interiors.

Nautical Striped Sofas

For those days when you want to get a little bit sea-side wild with your interior decor, you might want to get a pair of bold nautical striped sofas. They are best for when you want to create an understated, yet contemporary coastal look that never goes out of style. Combine them with some striped loose linen furnishings for a jaw-dropping look.

Pinstripe Sofas

Blue pinstripe sofas are a sure way of giving your space a sophisticated coastal nautical feel. Choose from the various fabrics, to get one that matches your needs. You can also add some matching side chairs or/and a coastal ottoman.

Blue and White Striped Sofas

If you want to achieve relaxed and confident decorating schemes, white and blue striped sofas are the best choice for your nautical home. Add a layer of rustic texture within the space, a few small tables, and even trays for an artistic feel.

More Nautical Home Decor & Furniture Ideas

The nautical furniture style goes beyond the navy sofa. Although the primary tones of the furniture should be white and navy, you can include some touch of sandy beige, red or even pastel red on the surrounding areas, depending on your personal preference.

Try styling nautical themed furniture with a few vintage decorations, a sailboat painting, a touch of navy sofas, and some wood ceiling beams. You can also add a touch of faded blue built-in shelves to the space, anchor pillows, fish sculptures, and some sailboat models.

The idea is to get creative while remaining within the theme. Think of the sea and all the good things that make it interesting and consider adding some of that into your room to complement the furniture.



  1. Hi, I love all the design ideas, but I cannot find where to buy these items. Attached is everything I would want for my living room from the pillows, to the rug, lamp, couch side chairs. Please let me know where to find. Its exhausting to find something similar, not understanding why no links to buy.

    1. Hi Kristen, Unfortunately, I am unable to source and link to every single item in an image. Please use Google to search for the items in the photo you wish to buy. This article is about nautical sofas and couches.

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