12 Best Home Office Chairs to Win at WFH

Office chairs that are chic yet comfortable are hard to come by these days. If you’re a #girlboss who works from home, or just someone who loves using a home office to take care of home tasks, then this article is for you. After you’ve found the perfect modern office desk, it’s time to think about the best office chair for you.

Now that more and more people are working from home, a comfortable chair for your desk is an absolute must-have! Many people overlook the importance of structured seating when it comes to productive work sessions. Don’t underestimate how important this design choice is for your home office!

Selecting the Perfect Office Chair

There are so many factors to consider when deciding which office desk chair is best for your needs. Some characteristics of office chairs could include having back support, a swivel base, and even an adjustable height.

Back support is a must if you plan on having long working sessions. A cushioned seat will keep your bum as comfortable as possible! The swivel base is great for quickly getting in and out of your chair. It’s also handy for sliding around the space if you have a long or L-shaped desk.

Lastly, if you’re tall or the chair needs to be shared by several people of different heights, then an adjustable height chair will be necessary for your needs. This will allow you to move the chair upwards or downwards to match your home office desk height.

Here are some of our favorite picks for the best home office desk chairs you can buy online!

Office Chair Styles

There are home office style chairs available in just about every decorating style you can think of. Selecting an office chair in the right style will help keep the interior design of your home cohesive. We have guides to different home decor styles since we know that everyone has their particular preference. Here are the guides we have so far:

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White & Gold Office Chairs

White and gold home office style chairs are super popular these days. I see them all the time when browsing Pinterest. Using a white and gold office chair instantly gives your office a modern chic look. I especially love the desk chairs with brass hardware. So gorgeous!

Click the chairs on the images below to shop!

White & Gold Office Chairs for your Home Office Desk

Contemporary Office Chairs

Aside from white and gold, there are a ton of ultra chic contemporary office chairs for you to use in your home office. Below, find six more of my favorite office chair picks like a classy lucite chair, an ergonomic chair, and a beautiful leather office chair.

Contemporary Office Chairs for your Home Office Desk

Home Office Chair Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your home office with a task or office chair, then these images will inspire you. These girly home office are beautifully decorated and practical!

Brass gold and black office chair at desk via Jen Kay for the Everygirl
Jen Kay for the Everygirl
White & Brass Office Chair at Desk
Money Can Buy Lipstick
White and Gold Swivel Office Chair via Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
White and gold desk chair via Money Can Buy You Lipstick
Money Can Buy Lipstick
White swivel office chair at desk via Beauty & the Chic
Beauty and the Chic
Small office desk chair via The Fashionista's Diary
The Fashionista’s Diary
Contemporary Office Chair with Prada artwork via Chronicles of Frivolity
Chronicles of Frivolity
White and silver desk chair via A Beautiful mess
A Beautiful Mess
Rachel Parcell Office Tour via Glitter Guide
Glitter Guide
White office chair via Chronicles of Frivolity
Chronicles of Frivolity
Office Chairs for a Girlboss

As you can see, there are so many factors to consider when shopping for furniture. We hope that our site will assist you when making the most important decisions of your home life! If you know of a great chair that we missed, be sure to share it with us and other readers in the comments below. We love hearing from you guys about what purchases you loved (and didn’t!). It will help other readers in their own home furniture shopping journey!


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