28 Ideas for Black Wall Interior Styling

28 Ideas for Black Wall Interior Styling

Black walls: it seems like people either love them or hate them. A black walled interior is certainly a bold design choice and not for everyone. Black walls command attention in the most dramatic of ways. They absorb a lot of natural light, so be sure to include adequate artificial lighting in the room. If you don’t want to paint an entire room black, you can certainly test the waters with an accent wall, or keep the ceiling white. Read below to see 28 awesome examples of beautiful black walled interior styling, and our best tips for making it work in your home!

1. Pair black walls with deep green hues in the furniture

Black Wall Interior deep greens

Source: Milk Magazine

2. Paint a brick wall black for texture

Black Wall Interior brick wall for texture

Source: Côté Maison

3. Add lots of house plants to give life to the room

Black Wall Interior add lots of house plants

Source: Elle

4. Add eclectic and colorful decor to give the room more of a fun feeling

Black Wall Interior eclectic decor

Source: Swoonworthy

5. Use the black wall as a canvas for a floral wall mural

Black Wall Interior canvas for a floral wall mural

Source: Diana Watson

6. Make sure the space is open, preferably with tall ceilings

Black Wall Interior open space with tall ceilings

Source: Entrance Makleri

7. If the space is smaller, pair the walls with a cream furniture and decor palette

Black Wall Interior cream palette

Source: Lisa Petrole

8. Add oversized art to make the wall less bold

Black Wall Interior oversized art

Source: Mark Cunningham

9. Cheetah print goes great with black walls

Black Wall Interior oversized art cheetah chair

Source: The Makerista

10. Add gold shelving

Black Wall Interior gold shelving

Source: Amy Morris

11. Decorate with gold accents

Black Wall Interior add gold accents

Source: Tommy Smythe for House and Home

12. Balance out the black with a blush pink rug and pillows

Black Wall Interior blush pink rug

Source: Unknown

13. Play with chandeliers for light and moulding designs for texture

Black Wall Interior with moulding designs for texture

Source: Tatiana Shishkina

14. A mustard yellow sofa stands out against black

Black Wall Interior mustard yellow sofa

Source: Period Living

15. Add neutral and white artwork to balance the darkness

Black Wall Interior add neutral and white artwork

Source: Stylizimo Blog

16. Include the fireplace when painting the wall black

Black Wall Interior with Black Fireplace

Source: Heather Nette King

17. Go with a white ceiling!

Black Wall Interior make sure the ceiling is white

Source: Christine Dovey

18. Try a black accent wall next to a white wall

Black Wall Interior accent wall next to white brick wall

Source: Tamara Magel / Rikki Snyder

19. Use striped tiling on the floor

Black wall with striped tiling on floor

Source: Donna Dotan

20. Bring in some solid turquoise furniture

Black Wall Interior solid turquoise furniture

Source: Unknown

21. Coordinate black walls with a chic black headboard

Black Wall Interior coordinate black headboard

Source: Design by Lena Proudlock

22. Paint the walls black in a room with large windows and lots of light

Black Wall Interior large windows lots of light

Source: Costello Decorating

23. Add a comfy brown leather chair

Black Wall Interior brown leather chair

Source: Growing Spaces

24. Use the black wall as a chalkboard

Black Wall Interior as a chalkboard

Source: Unknown

25. Add depth with empty black frames

Black Wall Interior add depth with empty black frames

Source: Janet Lee

26. Incorporate dark maroon furniture and art into the space

Black Wall Interior dark maroon furniture and art

Source: Mike Baker

27. Add a pink velvet sofa

Black Wall Interior pink velvet sofa

Source: 47 Park Avenue

28. Brighten and expand the space with mirrors

Black Wall Interior brighten the space with mirrors

Source: Porter House Designs

As you can see, black walls can work in a variety of spaces, from living rooms, to bathrooms to bedrooms and everywhere in between. Have you incorporated a black wall into your home? What worked and what didn’t?

Here are a few pieces to get you started on styling your own black wall!

Black Walls can work great in any room if you know how to style them!
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  1. Leigh Clarke 1 year ago

    Trying to locate the floral wallpaper shown in the beautiful photo of the black dinning room. Is this wallpaper available to order. Which company is either carrying or produces this product.
    Thank you for any help you can provide me with.

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