15 Must-Have Traditional Christmas Decorations

There’s something comforting about traditional Christmas decorations. They remind you of a simpler time, when celebrating Christmas was truly about the birth of Jesus! If you love classic and elegant home decor, then the traditional style of decorating for Christmas may be right for you. Keep the traditional spirit of Christmas alive with these traditional Christmas decorations we recommend.

PS. Learn more about traditional decor for modern homes you can use year-round.

Traditional Christmas Decorations

Here is our list of must-have decorations for the home!

1. Entryway Nutcracker

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Entryway Nutcracker

A large nutcracker man is the traditional decoration for welcoming guests into your holiday home!

2. Lighted Pine Wreath

Lighted Pine Wreath

A pine tree wreath is the most classic Christmas decoration you can have. This one is a must. It even comes with a modern update of little lights!

3. Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Glitter Snowflake Ornament

This glam snowflake decorated in silver glitter is a traditional way to decorate your tree, when gold and silver were standard!

4. Red and Gold Garland

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Red and Gold Garland

Another touch of metallics, this red and gold evergreen decoration is the perfect traditional Christmas garland.

5. Snowman Throw Pillow

Snowman Throw Pillow

The snowman is a traditional Christmas motif that looks beautiful on a throw pillow. As a bonus, this decoration will last you all winter long.

6. Retro Van with Tree Ornament

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Retro Van with Tree Ornament

This little retro van ornament carrying a Christmas tree is the perfect vintage Christmas decoration, reminiscent of decades past.

7. Christmas Ball Ornament Set

Christmas Ball Ornament

The most classic Christmas decoration includes shiny red sphere ornaments. This set also comes in gold and silver, two more traditional colors!

8. Santa Clause Christmas Tree Skirt

Santa Clause Christmas Tree Skirt

This traditional Christmas tree skirt has a traditional Santa Claus figure sewed onto it.

9. Needlepoint Stocking

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Needlepoint Stocking

Uphold the Christmas tradition of hanging stockings on the mantle the night before Christmas. Some say this dates to the 1800s!

10. Red Velvet Bow

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Red Velvet Bow

I love the simplicity of a red velvet bow to signify that you celebrate Christmas. You can put one on your front door, on the handrail, or anywhere else you can think of! It’s an easy and pretty way to add some Christmas cheer.

11. 3 Piece Deer Family

3 Piece Deer Family

Deer are traditionally associated with Christmas and an illuminated deer family is a beautiful way to decorate your front yard this Christmas.

12. Mini Nutcracker Drummer Soldier

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Mini Nutcracker Drummer Soldier

A smaller version of the famous nutcracker is necessary in any traditional Christmas home!

13. Christmas Day Caroler Figurine Set

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Christmas Day Caroler Figurine Set

These traditional Christmas carolers are the perfect decoration to set on top of a piano for example. I love their traditional outfits!

14. Believe Lumbar Pillow

Believe Lumbar Pillow

This simple “Believe” pillow is an elegant way to add some Christmas cheer to your sofa or bed!

15. Nativity Scene

Traditional Christmas Decorations - Nativity Scene

Last but not least, the nativity scene is the ultimate way to decorate for the holidays. You can start with a simple scene like the one shown below, and over time, add different figures such as the three kings and farm animals to your scene.

We love Anna’s beautiful traditional Christmas decor!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas this holiday season!

15 Must-Have Traditional Christmas Decorations

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