15 Best Scandinavian Sideboards & Credenzas

Have you recently shifted to a new apartment or house? Are you facing difficulty sorting out all your things? If so, then, don’t worry – Scandinavian sideboards are the perfect storage solution. Suppose you are decorating or furnishing your new home. You might need some extra storage for things like a router and extra belongings you don’t use on a daily basis. These sideboards and credenzas provide you exactly that – a place to store things you don’t use every day. Read along and find out more about sideboard designs and how they can be incredibly useful!

We all need a little extra storage now and then, and for those of us who love minimalist furniture, that’s where Scandinavian sideboards come in.

Sideboards have been popular pieces of furniture since the 1960s, and perhaps earlier. These low to the ground accent cabinets offer a great way to hide our belongings away without taking up too much space. They leave the space feeling airy and uncluttered since they are lower to the ground than an armoire or bulky dresser.

You can use a sideboard in many different areas of your home. Some people keep them against an empty wall while others put them against a sofa.

Minimalist Scandinavian Sideboard @emmamelins

Scandinavian Sideboards

So what are some of the best Scandinavian sideboards to buy these days? So glad you asked!

We’re rounded up some of the best nordic inspired sideboards for your home. If you love Swedish design and Danish sensibility, then the Scandinavian interior design is perfect for you. These nordic sideboards are minimalist in design and high in functionality. They are made of smooth lines and offer a clean and sleek look to any room.

No matter what your taste or budget is, Scandinavian style credenzas and sideboards are always there to give a unique appearance to your space. Good quality and well-designed storage is a must-have in every household!

These nordic sideboards and credenzas not only offer you additional storage space but also act as a great addition to your collection of furniture. It’s the perfect blend of aestheticism, functionality, style, and minimalism.

Where do you put a Sideboard?

You can put Scandinavian sideboards at several places around the house. Here are some ideas to help you put them at the most appropriate spots:

At the entrance

You can easily place a sideboard at the entrance. A table lamp or a long mirror to check your outfit will be the perfect complimentary pieces.

Living room

You can use the sideboard in your living room to keep your television on it. Other items like books, phones, etc. can also be kept on it.

In the hall

When it comes to your hall, there are two places to keep your sideboards. You can either keep it at the very end or along the side of the hallway. This way it won’t look very overbearing to the other furniture.

Behind your sofa

Do you have enough space behind your sofa? Use this extra space and put your sideboard there. Being close to the ground, it won’t dominate the sofa.

In your bedroom

Sideboards are also suited for bedrooms. Keep it near your bed and you can use it to store all your bedtime essentials.

Scandinavian Furniture Design

Scandinavian furniture uniquely combines minimalism with functionality. Born in the 1950s, this design has gathered a lot of popularity and appreciation from homeowners and as well as apartment renters. A typical Scandinavian design is known best for its craftsmanship, simplicity, and functionality. These designs mostly have a very subtle appearance.

However, some designs might also have bright colors and conventional patterns. Scandinavian furniture offers a variety of styles so that you can create your space in the way you like. The style is elegant yet stylish. Also, it goes perfectly with the modern living areas that need more adaptable and functional products.

More Scandinavian Furniture & Decor Ideas

Scandinavian furniture is highly adjustable and customizable. It is accessible, minimalistic, functional, and also affordable. Blending traditional designs with modern trends, Scandinavian sideboards are unique, stylish and give you a lot of scopes to design your space according to your tastes and preferences.

So, the next time you need some extra storage, no need to go for a storeroom. Choose one of the best Scandinavian sideboards to store all your items and also flaunt them as an aesthetic piece of your furniture, adding extra elegance to your overall space.

Get inspired by our other Scandinavian decor ideas. We love writing about Scandinavian furniture and decorations that can give your Nordic style home the perfect look!

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