10 Home Office Essentials

If you’re looking to get the most out of your work-from-home experience, it’s important to set up your space in a way that will make the best use of your time. A good home office ensures that you can navigate efficiently from point to point without wasting any extra time. It’ll also keep distractions at bay while you’re trying to get things done. Once you start getting things set up, the process of maintaining your home office becomes a bit easier as well.

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Home Office Essentials

Let’s get started on our list of home office essentials that are standard and necessary!


A good desk will ensure that you have enough workspace to fit all of your equipment and files. It should be a comfortable height as well so that you can work efficiently from it. Different types of desks have different purposes. An L-shaped desk is perfect for a corner space, while a table-top desk is best suited for an open area. Adjustable standing desks are also becoming more and more popular, which is great news for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.


The home office chair that you use is another integral part of your setup. A good chair will keep you comfortable while you’re working and won’t get in the way of your other home office essentials. The backrest, seat, and armrests should all be adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. The chair should be ergonomic as well to keep your back and neck supported because you’ll likely be sitting at it for long periods of time.


These home-office technology essentials were will ensure that you have a proficient working day.

External Monitor

An external monitor can help you to keep track of more information at once, which is particularly helpful if you’re in a work-from-home situation. It can also make the job of organizing your papers and files much easier, as you’ll have more room to keep everything together in one place. The dock can be adjusted so that it’s at the right height and distance from your desk, so you won’t have to strain your neck while working.

Phone Stand

If you’re a work-from-home professional who likes to interface with clients on the go, a phone stand can help you keep your phone easily accessible so that you can take calls as needed. You won’t need to keep reaching across your desk when you’re ready to take the call, and most stands will have extra space for business cards and other loose papers.

I love the Anker wireless charging phone stand to keep my iPhone upright and charging the battery at the same time!


Keep your office space organized with these home office storage essentials.

Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is a good way to keep all of your important papers and documents properly organized. The drawer should have the right-sized holes in the sides so that you can fit all of your paperwork in an orderly fashion, and it should close securely when you’re not using it.

You may want to install a pull-out drawer within a cabinet to hide away an ugly printer as seen here:

Printer Pull-Out drawer in home office design by AnneSage
Anne Sage


Bookcases can help you to keep books organized, especially if they are within easy reach of your desk. These types of shelves can hold heavy volumes in place while they don’t slide all over the place. They are also a great place for decorative items, such as mementos and photos that you’d like to display. Bookshelves also help to keep the floor clutter-free as you work. There are a few different kinds of bookshelves to consider:

  • The Floor-Standing Bookshelf: This type of shelf is typically found in a home library. They are tall and sturdy and have the capacity to hold hundreds of books at a time. They tend to stick out from the wall quite far.
  • The Wall-Mounted Bookshelf: This type of shelf is basically fitted to a wall, and can be mounted at eye level or above. These shelves don’t have much storage capacity but they do look nice. Plus, they take up little space.
  • The Bookshelf Desk: This type of bookcase contains lots and lots of bookcases stacked on top of one another. As the name suggests, this type can be fitted into a desk and uses up space that would otherwise be wasted.


Don’t forget about these home office supplies when shopping for your home office space!

Power Strip

A power strip will help you to avoid having messy wires all over your work area. You can rest assured that everything is plugged into the right outlets at the right time, and it’ll also allow you to power multiple devices with just one outlet. Good cable management at your home office desk is a must, so this is particularly important if you’re dealing with multiple devices.

Drawer Organizers

A drawer organizer will keep your desk stacked with papers and paperwork in an orderly fashion. The dividers within the drawer can keep things organized by type of file so you can find exactly what you need the moment you look. Don’t forget to use a label maker too to keep everything organized. Drawer organizers help to keep the floor clutter-free as you work too because they can be stored in the drawer when not in use.


Keeping a notepad handy is always a good idea, especially when the phone starts to ring off the hook or your inbox fills up with emails. It will help you keep track of important messages and information, which you can refer back to at any time. It’s best to use notepads on a daily basis so that you can get in the habit of writing things down as they happen.

Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils are an important part of keeping your desk organized because they can be used for a multitude of things. Pens can be used for taking notes or doing quick sketches, and pencils can be used to mark something up on paper. It’s best to have a couple of pens and pencils handy so that you’re ready to implement any of these ideas.


Keeping a calculator handy is also important for your home office, as it can be used to easily add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It can also be used to set up formulas and calculations when you have to do some work on the fly. This is great for accounting work, or when you’re trying to make sure that your invoices are lined up perfectly.

The above-mentioned home office desk accessories are only a few of the many that can be found in a typical office supply store. Having this kind of variety allows you to customize your home office space to fit your own unique work style and needs.

As you can see, there are many ways to ensure that your home office has everything you need for a productive work day! Even if you’re stuck working at the dining table for now, I hope this list helped give you a few ideas on how to make your workspace ‘work’ for you!

Makeshift home office in dining room round table via @berrys_home

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