15 Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Coffee table books are the perfect accessory for your living room. Even though we have a seemingly never ending amount of inspiration available at our fingertips thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, sometimes it’s nice to take a digital detox and flip through the pages of an actual book. We’re going to share the best coffee table books for decorating your home today.

These books are large enough to make a bold statement on your coffee table. They will be eye-catching and serve as decorative elements in their own right! The coffee table is a great place to display your personal effects and decor accents. Along with some beautiful books, you could display a vase of flowers, a tray, a scented candle, and have some coasters nearby. These will help you create a practical and beautiful living room space.

Fashion Coffee Table Books

Many women are searching for the best fashion coffee table books for their homes. I love reading about the history of fashion and learning about where today’s styles come from. You might have a particular designer in mind or want a fashion history book to prominently feature in your space. Here are a few popular recommendations for books in this category!

Chanel Coffee Table Book
Read about the most iconic fashion designer in all history: Coco Chanel
Valentino Coffee Table Book
Italian design is on full-display in this classic fashion book.
Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk
YSL brought iconic 70s style to the masses – read about his unique journey and see his stunning creations in this coffee table book.

Cheap Coffee Table Books

If you are on a budget, then you may be looking for cheap coffee table books that still look beautiful and chic. These affordable coffee table books are a great starting place. We chose books that feature interior design and home decorating tips!

Homebody Joanna Gaines Coffee Table Books
Cozy White Cottage Cheap Coffee Table Books
Wild at Home Cheap Coffee Table Books

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

If you want general decorating books for your coffee table, then these are some great ones to choose from. From neutral decorating to classic entertaining tips, there are lots of books that teach us even more about decorating and provide some stunning eye candy!

Live Beautiful Coffee Table Books
All in Good Taste Coffee Table Books
Made for Living Coffee Table Books

Travel Coffee Table Books

If you are a travel addict, then these travel coffee table books will inspire you to take a trip abroad! From exotic destinations to familiar getaways, there’s a travel book for almost everyone out there. Escape to the far corners of the world from the comfort of your living room!

Maison Parisian Chic Decorating at Home Coffee Table Books
Capri Travel Coffee Table Books
Patterns of India Travel Coffee Table books

Coffee Table Books from Amazon

If you have a Prime membership, you may be searching for Amazon coffee table books with fast shipping. Check out the Amazon books we recommend for your coffee table here. From Palm Springs California to the Alps of Europe to the halls of the famed Metropolitan Museum of Art, there’s a book from Amazon waiting to make it to your living room.

Slim Aarons Women Coffee Table books
Wes Anderson Coffee Table books for decor
The Metropolitan Museum Art Coffee Table books

How to Style Books

Once you have your books in hand, be sure to consider how to style them in your space. You might not need more than one or two books to complete your table. Think about the colors of the books and of course, the sizes. It’s a good idea to order 3 or 5 books and then select the best ones for your table based on these two features. You can always use the extra books in other rooms! 

When it comes to arranging the books on your coffee table, it depends on the shape and size of the table itself. If your table is small in size, you might just have room for one stack of objects in the center.

If it’s rectangular, then you may want to have two or three “groups” of objects. Two groups creates a nice, symmetrical balance. Three groups will create a more design-approved layout.

A large square coffee table could comfortably fit four groups of accents. I wouldn’t recommend going with more than 4 groups of objects to prevent the area from looking cluttered!

Consider working with other objects like a vase of flowers or an oval or rectangular tray to create a balance of diverse objects. 

Layering with different objects like candles, vases, trays, and small accents will add height to your coffee table design.

best coffee table books for decorating

What your favorite living room books? Let us know any good ones you’ve found in the comments below!


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