Alexa Dagmar’s Cozy Gold & Neutral Home in Finland

Alexa Dagmar is one of my favorite bloggers from Finland. I love seeing her beautifully styled Helsinki home, decorated in white and neutral with golden accents throughout.

Alexa Dagmar Home Tour

The living room is my favorite where Dagmar styled her comfy Scandinavian sofa with three beautiful nesting marble coffee tables. A beautiful crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, giving the space an elegant touch of light.

The office has an elegant vintage gilded mirror on the wall, hanging above a comfortable neutral sofa.

Check out the space (and how it’s evolved) below!

Living Room

Alexa Dagmar living room with neutral sofa in Finland
Alexa Dagmar neutral sofa with crystal chandelier
Alexa Dagmar neutral sofa with three tier marble coffee table
Alexa Dagmar column with vintage mirror
Alexa Dagmar Scandinavian living room in Finland neutral sofa three tier coffee table

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Dining Room

Alexa Dagmar Dining and TV room Scandinavian decor
Alexa Dagmar Dining room with marble table


Alexa Dagmar Office with desk
Alexa Dagmar Office with neutral sofa and glass gold coffee table
Alexa Dagmar Crystal vintage chandelier
Alexa Dagmar Office with neutral couch and oversized gilded mirror
Alexa Dagmar office with glass and gold coffee table


Alexa Dagmar Bedroom mirrored nightstand
Alexa Dagmar Bedroom with tufted headboard and gilded vintage mirror
Alexa Dagmar Bedroom with tufted neutral headboard
Alexa Dagmar Neutral tufted headboard

Bathroom & Closet

Alexa Dagmar scandinavian marble bathroom with marble walls
Alexa Dagmar Walk in Closet with Crystal chandelier
Alexa Dagmar walk in closet with mirrored door

You can watch a video of Alexa’s home tour here:

via Alexa Dagmar

Follow Alexa on Instagram here: @alexadagmar

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