Everything You Need to Know About Accent Chairs

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There are lots of pieces of furniture to consider when decorating a living room, but the accent chair is one of the most fun and flexible design decisions you will make! Accent chairs can be purchased alone or in matching pairs. A common living room furniture combination is one sofa and two accent chairs.

Accent chairs can be placed in different settings in your home. You could use an accent chair as additional seating in your living room or you could also use one in an empty corner of your home and create a little reading nook. If you have space in your bedroom, you could put one in there to sit down when putting on shoes or relaxing. The possibilities are endless!

Everything You Need to Know About Accent Chairs, Turquoise Accent Chair via Amy Elbaum Design
Amy Elbaum Design


Let’s go over some of the different types of accent chairs available. Most accent chairs will require some assembly, even if it’s just attaching the legs to the bottom of the chair base. Be sure to read the assembly details before purchasing!

Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs are the perfect choice for a family room or casual living room. Lounge chairs are a type of accent chair that is typically wide, deep, and offers a really thick and comfortable cushion to sit on. They often have big arms so people can relax when they sit down. These chairs are designed for long uses, so they’re great for having company over and watching movies!


Armless Chair

Sometimes called the “slipper chair,” armless chairs are light and airy ways to add additional seating in a room. Because they don’t have arms, these chairs feel less bulky than a traditional armchair. That being said, they may be a bit uncomfortable for longer uses.


Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs are an elegant choice for a traditional living room or bedroom. Two “wings” are installed on either side of the chair back. This design was originally created centuries ago to keep people warm, by trapping the heat on either side of the person sitting down. They were typically found in front of a fireplace, but today you can use them anywhere.


Tufted Chair

Tufted chairs can come in many shapes and sizes. Tufting is a way of adding small equally spaced crevices secured with buttons to any soft fabric surface. Tufted chairs are sometimes associated with French or European style decor, and they add a touch of class and elegance to any space in which they are placed.


Sculptural Chair

The last type of accent chair to know is the least comfortable, but perhaps the most visually interesting. Sculptural chairs are accent chairs that have a unique and interesting form. These types of chairs may have metal or wood arms and legs, offering a sleek and sharp silhouette.



In addition to the style of the chair, you’ll also need to consider the chair legs. The majority of accent chairs you come across will have their legs exposed. Some will offer a fabric skirt (like slipcovered accent chairs) and others will be bare.

Modern and contemporary chairs will often feature sleek and straight legs. French, Farmhouse, and other types of Traditional chairs will most often offer a curved leg, sometimes made of carved or turned wood. These can be more interesting, but it all depends on your personal taste and decorative style!

The legs may or may not have casters at the bottom making them easier to move around and adding a charming old-school touch.


Accent chairs come in just about any design style you can imagine! Here are a few of our favorites!


Popular accent chair colors include:


Accent chairs can come in a variety of materials. Here are the most common materials you will find that accent chairs are made of.

I hope this article was helpful in purchasing accent chairs for your home! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have in the comments below!


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