A Gorgeous Parisian-Inspired Apartment in Chicago

A Gorgeous Parisian-Inspired Apartment in Chicago

The majority of the apartments and homes I share on the {styled space} column are spaces that I admire, but wouldn’t necessarily live in. Occasionally, I share one like today’s: Alaina Kaczmarski’s gorgeous greystone apartment in Chicago – a home I would consider a dream to live in!

I have a thing for French-inspired homes in the US, and Alaina’s home looks like it was ripped right out of central Paris. It’s got an understated classic yet chic vibe to it that I absolutely adore.

If you don’t know Alaina Kaczmarski, she is the cofounder of the Everygirl, one of my favorite websites that inspired me to create Curated Interior, actually! She is truly a tastemaker when it comes to all things home & style.

Now, on to her home!

Parisian-Style Living Room

Swoon! Just look at the plush white couch in the center of the space. I love everything from the brown and white neutral decor to the gold accents which dot the room. Full-length sheer white curtains frame the large windows, letting in just enough light to brighten the room. The coffee table is also really modern, to balance out all the classic elements of the space like the black bust behind the couch.

French-Inspired living room with crystal chandelier brown white decor

French-Inspired Living Room Vintage Fireplace

French-Inspired Living Room Beige Couch

French-Inspired Living Room Fireplace and Coffee Table

French-Inspired Living Room Brown Velvet Chair
French-Inspired Living Room Sheer White Curtains
French-Inspired Living Room Decor Books
French-Inspired Living Room Decor


French-Inspired entryway

French-Inspired entryway staircase with black frame art

Dining & Kitchen

French-Inspired Dining Room

French-Inspired Dining Room White and Black Chairs
French-Inspired Dining Room Black Louis Chairs

French-Inspired Kitchen Black Cabinets

French-Inspired Kitchen Open Shelving


French-Inspired Bedroom with Gold Sconces

French-Inspired Bedroom Dark Nightstand and Gold Wall sconce

French-Inspired Bedroom Neutral Headboard

French-Inspired Bedroom Black Oversized Vintage Mirror

French-Inspired Bedroom Black 60s Sitting Chair

French-Inspired Bedroom White Dresser Round Mirror

French-Inspired Bedroom Dresser Styling
French-Inspired Bedroom Dresser Jewelry and Frames

French-Inspired Guest Bedroom with Iron Headboard


French-Inspired Office with Louis Chair

French-Inspired Office with White Dresser and Thick Gold Mirror
French-Inspired Office Shelf Styling

Outdoor Space

French-Inspired Outdoor Space

The Every Girl

What are some of your favorite french-inspired apartments?

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  1. Chelsey Hahn 8 months ago

    Can you please share what paint color you used for this project?! Love it!

  2. MaarLindvall 2 months ago

    my eyes are leaking out, too bright!!! beautifully decorated tho.

  3. Brenda 2 months ago

    What brand, or where can I purchase the white dresser?

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